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The Home Wash Company

Servicing the Lower Mainland, offering hand washing using soft brushes for the exterior of your home, roof moss removal, professional pressure washing, gutter and window cleaning. NEW FOR WINTER, SNOW REMOVAL SERVICES. ...
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Don't Fix Foggy Windows

I've received many inquiries from homeowners concerned about foggy windows. What they are noticing is their windows are foggy because the sealed glass unit (dual pane glass) has been compromised, allowing water vapour to get inside the window pane, showing up as moisture or condensation on the inside of the sealed glass unit.
Condensation on our Windows

Question from Jeff in Winnipeg, Manitoba -----Hi Shell, Sorry if I am repeating myself. We are in a 40-year-old house. Our bedroom window faces south with a heat vent underneath...
Vinyl Flooring - Do You Get What You Pay For?

Question from Donna in Calgary, AB *****Dear Shell,We are replacing the lino in our kitchen, and as I have been looking at different companies, and types, I am wondering what the...
Leaking windows

Question from: JackiePort McNeill, BCDear Shell,We have a leak somewhere around one of our windows. We have tried caulking all around the window but the leak remains. How...
Reparing and refinishing a wood window damaged by moisture

Question from: CindyAirdrie, ABDear Shell,We have a stained and lacquered wood casement window in our bathroom. Because of the excess moisture, it seems that there is almost...
Night-time Energy Savings

Do you turn down your thermostat at night in order to save energy while the household is sleeping? It’s a great idea and is one of the best energy savers. However please think twice before...
Shell Busey Blog - CV9 Window Cleaner

CV9 is a concentrated window cleaning solution that allows you to wash your homes exterior windows without the need to climb up on a ladder and wipe them down. Simply spray on, brush clean and rinse; the window will dry to a streak free shine. For dirtier windows, you may need to scrub the windows and frames with a car washing brush.
Repairing water damaged wood from a window sill

Question from: BarbaraVictoria, BCDear Shell,I'm having trouble with water penetration on the window sill in our shower stall (what a stupid place for a window…) I had painted...
Tips to Beat the Heat in the Home

Tips to cool down your home in the hot summer months:
Replacing And Updating Your Windows

We recently bought an old home that still has the original drafty windows. In the process of researching replacement windows I found a site claiming that a properly fitted and caulked window with a good storm window would work as well or better than these new replacement windows. They recommended repairing the old window instead of getting new ones. Is this true?
Interior painting tip

Our bathroom walls and windows have been a problem ever since we moved into our house. We have staining around the windows, dark marks over the shower area and the paint is peeling off the window sills...
(Video) How To Cool Your Home Using Furnace Fan

Q. Shell I hope you can help. I know you can’t have your cake and eat it too but our home is very hot now that the warm weather has arrived. Having air conditioning installed is out of the question but is there something else I can do to cool our living area down to gain some form of comfort?
Stains caused by moisture and a Painting Tip

Our bathroom walls and windows have been a problem ever since we moved into our house. We have staining around the windows, dark marks over the shower area and the paint is peeling off the window sills...
Failed Window Unit

Question from Jack ----- Dear Shell,I've got a problem with moisture in between a large double-pane window. Is there any remedy besides replacing the window?Jack
Install Passive Vents in Garage for Humidity

Q: We have a problem in our garage. Our home is around 6 years old and when it was built the outside walls and ceiling were insulated, and an insulated garage door was installed. The garage has one window that does not open. I have noticed mould on the window sill and condensation on the window during the cold winter days, and I find the garage very warm in the summer. I am not sure what to do to correct the problem. I think it either needs an opening window or a fan to remove the humidity or po
How To Clean Window Screens

Q. One of most dreaded spring cleaning chores is cleaning my window screen. How do you recommend cleaning them?
Fly problem

Question from: MaureenMayerthorpe, ABDear Shell,We moved into a new home 4 years ago and we have had an ongoing problem with flies. I spray the house weekly and I still have...
Ventilation problems in the bedrooms

Question from: GeorgeenVancouver, BCDear Shell,The aluminum windows in the bedrooms sweat water especially at night and in the winter. I know it is moisture in the air. The...
Loose Grout On Quarry Floor Tiles

Q: We have quarry tile floors in our home. We like the flooring, but have an issue with the area where the tiles butt up to the window frames. Is it impossible to keep the grout in the space between the tile and the wood frame?
Removing adhesive residual

Question from: KevinWinnipeg, MBDear Shell,Last Winter I used the clear plastic covering of my interior windows to prevent them from frosting over from the inside. The problem...