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From kitchen to bedroom, find the right solutions to address and customize your everyday climate, air quality, and more. Thermostats, humidifiers, air cleaners and ventilation. New products include, WIFI Thermostats and Honeywell Water Leak Alarms. Call 1-877-271-8620. ...
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Preventing curling asphalt shingles

Roof ventilation the cause of curling asphalt shingles. Are your asphalt shingles showing signs of curling as well as discolouring around the flashings of chimneys and along the soffit lines?
(Video) How To Ventilate Your Home

Shell Busey interviews David Hill, who is an expert in HVAC systems. Hill is Chair of TECA (the thermal environmental comfort association) Ventilation Guidelines Committee and president of Eneready Products.
Ventilation requirements for a crawl space

Question from: DonCourtenay, BCDear Shell,Are their any National Building code regulations regarding the ventilation requirements for a crawl space? If not what is the trade...
Installing a Life Breath Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) System

Question from Steven in Calgary, Alberta -----Dear Shell:We are building a new home and planning on putting in a Lifebreath HRV. Is it better to have a fully dedicated system for...
Your House as a System

If you have tightened up your house by making energy efficient upgrades such as adding insulation and/or draftproofing, etc., you may need to compensate by using a good ventilation system. A heating or ventilation contractor can do a fan pressurization test to determine the extent of air leakage and infiltration in your home.
Ventilation problems in the bedrooms

Question from: GeorgeenVancouver, BCDear Shell,The aluminum windows in the bedrooms sweat water especially at night and in the winter. I know it is moisture in the air. The...
Heavy Condensation Due to Poor Ventilation

Q: We have a big problem with condensation on our windows and doors. So much so that our windows are all frosted over during the cold winter months (we have 3 layered non sealed window units.)We cannot open any windows during this time due to ice build up. It is even difficult to open and close the front and back door. We had a new mid efficiency furnace installed and had a metal chimney liner (4 inch) placed inside the chimney this past summer. It is really quite horrific living this way. We di
Noisey Whirlybird Vents

Q. When we had our roof done a few years ago, we had a turbine vent installed to improve ventilation. My turbine roof vent makes a lot of noise on windy days when it spins. Is there a solution to make it quieter?
Roof Ventilation

Q: We have noticed many houses with what I think are called turbine vents. We think we need more ventilation in our attic. Is this the way to go?
What is the difference between ventilation and air leaks?

While some homeowners believe that air leaks allow fresh air to enter the house, they don't realize that the consequences of air leaks are often negative. Air leaks are a sign of a poorly sealed or degrading...
Bathroom Ventilation Fan Drips Water

Q: Our house is about three years old. The ventilation fan in the ensuite bathroom drip water in the winter, usually when the temperature is -10 to -20. The vent itself and the exterior pipe look normal. I assume it is some form of condensation. How can I correct this?
Installing An Electronic Dehumidistat

Q: We have a ventilation fan in our bathroom, but cannot seem to get it turned on and off at the proper time. I have heard that there is a unit available to control the fan to go on and off as needed. What product do I need to install?
Ventilation in the Home

Q: We read and hear a lot about ventilation and how it affects the home. What do we need to know with winter here?A: Click to continue reading
Roof Ventilation & Insulation Stops

Q: I have a two story, 20 year old home (1150 sq ft on each floor) in the South Delta area. I will soon be having the cedar shakes replaced with asphalt/fibreglass shingles. The contractor stated that the roof will be much tighter than the original one so he is going to install more roof vents. However he said that I must have more soffit venting, so I am in the process of cutting in 18 more 8" X 16" vents under the eaves.
Icicles Can Mean Poor Insulation

Q: Last winter, we had a number of icicles on our roofline and gutters. Is there something we can do to prevent this before winter returns?
Ventilation Options For Your Roof

We live in a townhouse complex consisting of upper and lower units, would it have a cooling benefit if we installed Whirly bird vents in place of static vents in our upper unit roofs?
Keep Moisture Out Of Your Crawlspace

High moisture in a crawlspace will eventually work its way up into your living area through cracks in and around the sub floor as well as up through your furnace duct system, and will cause condensation on your windows.
(Video) Moisture In The Home

It never fails, folks. Every Fall/Winter I start getting calls about condensation on windows, mold on the walls in the bedrooms, stains behind bedroom dressers, stains on ceilings and it goes on and on. Some homeowners stress the fact that they have just put in new windows; so why the moisture? Well let it be known you have tightened your home up a few notches so let’s go back a few steps.
Ask Shell's Tip Of The Day - Venting A Basement With Moisture Problems

High moisture in a basement or crawlspace will eventually work its way up into your living area through cracks in and around the sub floor as well as up through your furnace duct system, and will cause condensation on your windows. To rectify this problem, consider insulating the perimeter walls in the basement or crawlspace and between joists over top of the concrete wall with rigid foam insulation and sealing it with acoustical caulking.
EnerGuide Outlines Deficiencies in Insulation and Ventilation

Q: I live in a 1000 Square foot house that was built 50 years ago. The roof is shingled and has 4 roof vents. The attic has shavings for insulation. The house is heated with a York heat pump that is approximately 23 years old. The problem is that I get ice build ups on the roof during the winter when there is snow on the roof. Would you please suggest what I could do to cure this problem?