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Weiser Lock (a Black & Decker Company)

It has been 50 years since Weiser Lock was first sold in Canada. Quality and security are a part of every Weiser door hardware product. Door handles, knobs, leversets, locks and deadbolts in a variety of decorative styles and finishes to match your homes decor. And now available SmartKey by WeiserLock. ...
Kalsi Aluminum Products Manufacturing Ltd

In Greater Vancouver, Kalsi Aluminum Products specializes in custom aluminum products; Awnings & Canopies, Railings, Deck Enclosures, Solariums, Sunrooms & Automated Gates. Kalsi now builds interior water walls as well, call them today to ask about this new feature.
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Ask Shell's Tip Of The Day - Window Security Film

Shell Busey talks about the need to secure your windows that are in, or close to doors.
Protecting Your Home - Home Security Tips

Whether you live in an apartment or house be sure to leave your home secure by addressing a few key areas including lighting, landscaping and alarms. Here are a few valuable tips:
(Video) Is Your Home Secure?

Today, home security is a concern in all areas of the country, quiet suburbs and busy metropolitan areas alike. You can help secure your home by addressing a few key areas.
Securing your home

Shell Busey:Tips for making your home more secure.
Feeling Neighbourly?

Spring has sprung and your garden beckons. Go ahead and dig in. Gardening is a great way to meet your neighbours. You'll soon appreciate the extra sets of eyes and ears to help protect your home. Did you know belonging to Block Watch can reduce break-ins in your neighbourhood by 40 per cent? Podcast - Episode 5 Podcast is a new version of the Home Discovery Radio Show Shell used to do every weekend across Western Canada. In the Podcast, Shell answers YOUR emails, has interviews with guests in the Home Improvement industry and features hard to find, but use-able products.
CondoSmarts - Access to Strata Lots and the Census

Dear Tony: Our strata corporation has been contacted by census staff requesting access to our building. We have been advised that we have no choice and the law requires our strata corporation must provide access so the census staff can go door to door and contact owners and occupants in the building. They are also demanding owner’s/occupant lists to our buildings, which we refuse to release as they are private information. This issue has come in our building on a number of occasions. Is there Podcast - Episode 6 Podcast is a new version of the Home Discovery Radio Show Shell used to do every weekend across Western Canada. In the Podcast, Shell answers YOUR emails, has interviews with guests in the Home Improvement industry and features hard to find, but use-able products.
Making a Small Hole Larger.

Question: Shell, I’m installing a new dead bolt security lock on my front door and now find that the existing hole is too small for the cylinder portion of the lock. I want to use a hole...
Shed Some Light on Storage

Every spring there is a line up at Building Supply stores or specialty stores that sell products or materials to construct outdoor storage. This is to accommodate the miscellaneous materials that have accumulated either from moving, downsizing or extra purchases. Often this accumulation ends up in the garage and you are forced to inconveniently park your car in the driveway or on the street.
Exterior Door Installation

Installing a new exterior door will require you to make a number of decisions.1. Solid core plywood faced door? Will require a lot of maintenance staining, sealing, and painting.
Eliminating Wood Entrance Door Draft

Q. We are renting a house that has a wood entrance door that is not very tight inside the frame. In the winter a small space between the door and the frame gets very drafty. What would be the best way to seal the space so we don't lose too much heat?
Concerns With A Humidifier

I believe your suggestion not to shut off the main valve is inaccurate, not well researched, and could create a false sense of security for some. Any problem that might be caused by the absence of a humidifier, (In listening to your program for years I have heard far more talk about dehumidification rather than humidification), which is why you would leave the main on, would be far less than the damage that might be caused by a power failure in inclement weather which could conceivably cause som
(Video) SOS Childrens Village BC

Shell Busey Speaks with Douglas Dunn, the Executive Director from the SOS Children's Village BC in this episode of his Coffee Break.
Preparing your Home Before You Leave for Extended Vacations

Before leaving your home unoccupied for an extended length of time review this check list of pre-vacation tasks that should be addressed before leaving on vacation.
Safety Tips When Leaving Your Home During Winter Months

If you frequently leave your home to travel, especially during the winter months, it is important to make sure your home is secure, in the event of prolonged periods of freezing temperatures, and of course fire or theft. By following these simple steps you can protect your home and prevent costly damage from occurring.
What Homebuyers Want Today

According to a new survey, today's homebuyers want:
Mr. Slim Air Conditioners, Perfect Units For Condo Living

Q. I have a southern exposure condo that gets very hot in the summer. When I approached my strata council about installing an air conditioner they said that they don't allow window units because of security and noise issues. I am looking for a permanent solution since we are retired and home during the day. Any feedback that I can pass on to my council would be helpful since there are other units in our building faced with the same dilemma.
Taking care of your most important asset

Taking care of our assets can mean a number of things today from the home, cars, boats, RVs and so on. The most important asset to me is family. I receive calls almost daily from family members asking what can be done to help their elderly parents with their home? The obvious concern is what is wrong with the home and almost every answer is the same - I do not know because I have never been a handy person. Another common call has been from recent widows who know there are things around the home
Ask Shell's Tip Of The Day

Shell Busey's Tip Of The DayEach weekday Shell will be adding a new Tip Of The Day. It's just that easy!