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The Home Wash Company

Servicing the Lower Mainland, offering hand washing using soft brushes for the exterior of your home, roof moss removal, professional pressure washing, gutter and window cleaning. NEW FOR WINTER, SNOW REMOVAL SERVICES. ...
CARE Pest & Wildlife Control

The CARE Team will solve your pest problems while respecting the health and safety of all the occupants and surrounding environments. Committed, experienced and informative. ...
Doktor Doom

Use Doktor Doom products for safe and effective odorless control of hundreds of insects such as fleas, ticks, roaches, anthills, wasp, and hornet's nests, spiders, etc. Spray cracks, crevices, drains, walls, ceilings, foundations, floors, interior and exterior lights, screens, door sills, decks, fencing, kennels, barns, tack rooms, etc. ...

From kitchen to bedroom, find the right solutions to address and customize your everyday climate, air quality, and more. Thermostats, humidifiers, air cleaners and ventilation. New products include, WIFI Thermostats and Honeywell Water Leak Alarms. Call 1-877-271-8620. ...
Serpentine Cedar Roofing Ltd.

Serpentine Cedar have experienced crews that can look after all of your Cedar Shake roofing needs from start to finish. We can install a new cedar roof or repair your existing one. We guarantee the best quality of cedar shakes from old growth Western Red Cedar produced at our own cedar shake mill....
21st Century Roofers Ltd.

In greater Vancouver, 21st Century Roofers certified to install the finest of asphalt fiberglass laminate shingles. They also provide Cedar Conversions and the SBS Torch On Roof System, a modern alternative to old fashioned Tar and Gravel. Exceptional warranty options best suited for your needs.
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Cleaning algae marks on a shingled roof

Q. We have a light grey colored duroid shingled roof. On the north side of the house, the roof is marked with black streaks that are very unsightly. We believe it is caused by moss but have also been told...
Controlling Moss on Your Home

Spring has sprung, and for many homeowners the sunnier, longer days make the perfect recipe for outdoor spring cleaning and maintenance projects. Typically in areas with mild climates, many have concerns with moss building up on exterior surfaces such as decks, stucco, concrete, siding and rooftops. Some people view moss as unsightly and others have concerns that the prolonged wetness will decay their roof resulting in water leaks and premature aging of their shingles. The challenge facing homeo
Controlling Moss on Your Home

Spring has sprung and for homeowners, the sunnier and longer days make the perfect recipe for outdoor spring cleaning and maintenance projects. For many homeowners typically in milder climates, the concern is moss building up on exterior surfaces such as decks, siding and rooftops. Some people view moss as unsightly and others are concerned the prolonged wet surface will decay shingles resulting in water leaks and premature replacement of the roof.
Simple steps for a healthy and lush lawn

Do you ever walk by your neighbours nice lush lawn and shake your head in frustration? Here are a few tips for the spring to help you on your way to getting that fine carpet of green that you always wanted.
Walkway Has Moss Growing On It

Q: We have Sierra Stone on our front entrance walkway that has moss growing on it . My husband pressure washes it about four times a year but the moss keeps growing back. Do you have a solution to this seemingly never ending problem?
Solar Control Fabric For Existing Skylights

Q: Our 14-years-old rancher has two skylights in the kitchen that are approximately 2' x 4'. Every summer this area gets so warm that it becomes very uncomfortable. I am looking for a type of solar control product that could be installed on the glass to help keep the heat out but allow some light into the house. In a few years we would like to replace the skylights with more energy efficient ones but in the meantime we would like something to get us through the next few summers.
Preventing condensation from forming in your metal tool shed

I have a metal tool shed. During the winter months the inside of the shed is completely saturated with moisture and has caused bikes to rust and the seats to become moldy. Is there anything I can do to...
Why Is Frost Forming On Roof Sheathing In My Attic & How Do I Fix It?

Q: Last winter I noticed signs of white frost forming on the underside of the roof sheathing in the attic. Is this normal or is there something I can do to prevent it? Is this a job that the average homeowner can tackle?
Do I Need a New Roof?

Question from Mark in Delta, B.C. -----Hi Shell,I bought a 30 year old home in Tsawwassen in August. It has a Mansard? roof. It is comprised of 4 separate flat roofs all on different...
Snow accumulation on the roof

Question from: StanOliver, BCDear Shell,I have a cabin roof that does not shed the snow. The roof pitch is 12 X 12 with no exposed screws. The texture of the metal paint is...
When To Re-Roof

Q: Our shake roof is 15 years old. I believe it is supposed to have a 25-year life span. There were two small leaks in the middle of the roof some four years back and these were repaired with 8 - 10 shingles.
Safely walking on a cedar shake roof

Question from: BobSurrey, BCDear Shell,I have a four year-old house with a cedar shake roof. In order to paint some of the trim of the house I have to get on the roof. My...
Do not cover your attic vent turbine for the winter

Question from: RobertWinnipeg, MBDear Shell,Should I cover my attic vent turbine for the winter or not (in past I've been told to cover it with a plastic yard garbage bag.)
Should I treat my shake roof?

Question from: Larry.Dear Shell, My father received a quote for work to be done to his roof and we both are a bit skeptical of the proposal. A firm would to come and power-wash...
Repairing A Metal Roof On A Mobile Home

What is the best method to repair a metal roof on a mobile home, which leaks along the edge? Also, I have a noise problem with the metal roof on a windy day. Should I seal off the vents on each end of the mobile home just under to roof?
Planning on Re-Roofing?

Some roofing contractors and roofing manufactures suggest that new roofing membrane can be installed over the old. This is a "No No!" In my opinion it must all come off including the flashing around chimneys, vent flashings as well as replacing all roof vents.
Roof Truss Movement or Truss Uplift

Q. We live in a one level rancher and we would like to take care of a problem that occurs every year. Every winter the ceiling is separating from the wall and sets itself back into place in the summer. Is there something I can do to correct the problem before we install our new crown moulding?
I Have Tree Needles All Over My Cedar Shake Roof

Question from Mike in Abbotsford, B.C. -----Dear Shell,Our house backs onto a green belt with lots of trees, the needles from these trees fills the grooves in between the cedar...
Ice Build-Up on the Roof

Question from John in Cranbrook, B.C. -----Shell,I have had a problem with ice build up on my roof. This happens where there is a valley on the roof with a skylight near the valley....
Skylight Glazing

Skylight glazing should be as thermally resistant as possible. Heat loss in winter and gain in summer is greater than that of vertical windows. Consider light reflective low-E glass to reduce overheating...