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Shell Buseys Home Improvements And Renovations - Kitchens And Bathrooms

Shell Busey’s Home Improvements and Renovations can remodel or redesign your existing kitchen or bathroom. Our consultants can help you with ideas or work with you if you have your own. In your Kitchen, we can install new countertops, installation of new appliances, new flooring, bu...
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Should I replace Poly B plumbing?

Q. I have recently purchased a home with �Poly B� plumbing. Can I replace all the hot water connectors with copper ones or do I have to replace all the plumbing with copper? We have had no...
(Video) My Bathroom Sink Stinks

Q: We live in a 60-year-old house. Recently, we noticed a nasty odour coming from our bathroom sink. It seems to be just this one sink drain. I have used baking soda, and a few over-the-counter drain products, with no luck. Can you tell me what is causing this and what can we do?
Plumbing problems

Question from: PeterCambridge, ONDear Shell,I have been asked to do some plumbing for a friend, and I'm stuck before I start. The first problem is the kitchen taps, which...
Restoration Of Plumbing Pipes

Are you living in a home or condo that has copper pipes? Have you experienced any pin hole leaks in those copper pipes? You don't need to replace the pipes, you can have them restored.
Winterize External Plumbing Systems

This is the most important job if you live in areas that freeze in the winter. The simple fact that water expands uwhen frozen has caused countless problems for homeowners when temperatures dip below zero. Ignore this job and you could be faced with flooding, water damage and thousands of dollars worth of plumbing bills. Unfortunately, many homeowners wait until snow hits the ground before they take these steps to protect their home:
Are your plumbing pipes making noise? Water hammer perhaps?

Q. I have a problem with plumbing pipes that "hammer" or rattle. Is it a problem that I can fix myself?
Instant Hot Water at Every Faucet

It's a problem many people have in their homes. You go to turn on the faucet, to wash your dishes or take a shower, and have to wait for the water to heat up to the desired temperature. Depending on where in your home the hot water tank is located, and the location of your faucet, this could take anywhere from 10 seconds to upwards of a minute, and in that time, litres of precious water is needlessly flushed down the drain.
Soundproofing ABS Plumbing Pipes

What is the best way to soundproof ABS plumbing pipes?
What is the Best Way to Sound Proof ABS Plumbing Pipes?

Q. What is the best way to sound proof ABS plumbing pipes?
Are Polybutylene Pipes Durable or Should I Replace With Copper?

Q: I have recently purchased a home with PolyB plumbing. Can I replace all the hot water connectors with copper ones, or do I have to replace all the plumbing with copper? We have not had any problems with water thus far but have heard it can lead to problems.
Installing a heating duct muffler

Do you hear everything being said down stairs through your heating ducts? Here's What to do: 1. Follow the instructions for noisy plumbing pipes the difference being that it is in the ceiling...
What Insurance Companies Look for When Insuring Your Home

If you are like most people, you will probably never need to submit an insurance claim but it's important to check that you have adequate insurance coverage and make a complete inventory of your home. The inventory can be either written or videotaped. Include information such a serial numbers, make and model numbers, physical descriptions, and price of purchase (receipts, if possible).
Fact Sheet About Polybutylene Plumbing and Heating

Found in homes built between 1978 and 1995, Polybutylene (PB) Plumbing is used for hot & cold supply piping in homes, also known as "Poly-B." It's less expensive in material cost and easier to install than traditional copper plumbing, however PB has attracted considerable attention over the years over concerns surrounding PB's potential to leak with a number of homeowners who have encountered minor to severe leaks, which has led to various class action lawsuits in Canada and the US against PB ma
The Autocirc is an Instant Hot Water Pump System

Q: We have to let the water run for several minutes before it gets hot enough to shower or wash dishes. Our home has a conventional 60-gallon hot water tank that is located at one end of the home in the basement and the kitchen is on the upper floor at the other end. We seem to waste a lot of water before it gets hot enough to do dishes and run the dishwasher. I am hoping there is something available, that I could add to the existing line to solve this problem?
Hot Water Tank with a Sulphur Odour

Question from "S" in Ile des Chenes -----We recently replace the elements in our electric hot water heater. Prior to that there was a very sulphuric odor from the tap when hot water was being...
Winterizing Your Home

Winter is approaching; here are some tips to winterize your home before the cold sets in.
Faucets ... Good, Better, Best?

Question from Glenda in Westlock, Alberta -----Dear Shell,We are building a new house and have been looking at bathroom faucets, etc. What is your opinion on Price Pfister, Moen...
Congratulations To Jack Provencal

Congratulations to Jack Provencal who won the Shell Busey's HouseSmart Home Services Bursary!
Sweating pipes

Question from: JuliusCarman, MBDear Shell,We are presently looking at a bi-level house where much of the plumbing seems to begin or end in a basement room. The owners said...
Understanding Permits for Home Renovations

For the average homeowner, taking on a major home renovation yourself can be rewarding but also overwhelming. Whether you are building a home or doing a renovation, in order to avoid any costly surprises it's important to understand what is required and what you as a homeowner are capable of accomplishing. They need to consider questions like: