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CARE Pest & Wildlife Control

The CARE Team will solve your pest problems while respecting the health and safety of all the occupants and surrounding environments. Committed, experienced and informative. ...
Doktor Doom

Use Doktor Doom products for safe and effective odorless control of hundreds of insects such as fleas, ticks, roaches, anthills, wasp, and hornet's nests, spiders, etc. Spray cracks, crevices, drains, walls, ceilings, foundations, floors, interior and exterior lights, screens, door sills, decks, fencing, kennels, barns, tack rooms, etc. ...
The Home Wash Company

Servicing the Lower Mainland, offering hand washing using soft brushes for the exterior of your home, roof moss removal, professional pressure washing, gutter and window cleaning. NEW FOR WINTER, SNOW REMOVAL SERVICES. ...

From kitchen to bedroom, find the right solutions to address and customize your everyday climate, air quality, and more. Thermostats, humidifiers, air cleaners and ventilation. New products include, WIFI Thermostats and Honeywell Water Leak Alarms. Call 1-877-271-8620. ...
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Eliminating Re-occurring Rodent Infestation

Q. We have an ongoing problem with rats nesting in our shed and we are wondering if those electronic pest chasers would work to keep them away. Two years ago one made it's way into our attic so we want to make sure we deal with this before it happens again. We have pets and kids so do not want to put poison out.
Keep Wasps Away

Q. Every spring we have wasps building nests in the eaves above our patio and in our attic. It got so bad that we couldn't even enjoy our patio and it appears we are having the same problem this year. On your radio show, you have talked about a product to make hornets and wasps go away. I recall that it was something that you hang where the wasps are a problem.
Keeping the pesky pests outside

We take great lengths to keep possible intruders out of our homes. However, what about the smaller intruders? There’s likely an abundance of openings around your home that make access for these pests easy to enter.
How to Pest Proof Your Home for Fall

We take great lengths to lock our doors and windows as well as turn on our alarms to keep possible intruders out of our homes. However, what about the smaller intruders? As winter approaches, what are you doing to do to prevent them from making their way into your home when the temperatures outside begin to drop?
Bats in Attic

Q: We have had problems with bats in our attic ever since two barns were torn down near our home. We have been told by a pest control company that they can't be removed until the fall. Any suggestions?
Keep Birds Out of Dryer Vents

Q: We have birds wanting to build a nest in our dryer vent. How can I prevent this from happening?
Solar Control Fabric For Existing Skylights

Q: Our 14-years-old rancher has two skylights in the kitchen that are approximately 2' x 4'. Every summer this area gets so warm that it becomes very uncomfortable. I am looking for a type of solar control product that could be installed on the glass to help keep the heat out but allow some light into the house. In a few years we would like to replace the skylights with more energy efficient ones but in the meantime we would like something to get us through the next few summers.
Bats in Your Attic? Build Them a Home of Their Own!

If you've got unwelcome guests in your home, and by guests I mean the little furry type with big ears and leathery wings, you probably don't want them around for too long. Consider building a Bat House. Homeowners, farmers, organic gardeners, foresters and recreation managers across North America are installing bat houses for education and pest reduction, and many other purposes. Bats are fascinating creatures, and should not be considered pests themselves, although if they've taken up residence
Control Swallows from Nesting on Your Home

Canada is home to many different species of birds. Some birds inhabit marshlands or forests and stay clear of human contact, and other smaller species such as swallows will make their nests in barns or even build onto our homes. I recently received an inquiry from a homeowner, from the Lower Mainland, who has some unwanted guests nesting on the outside of her home, specifically under her soffits - the unwanted guests in this case, are swallows.
Skylight Glazing

Skylight glazing should be as thermally resistant as possible. Heat loss in winter and gain in summer is greater than that of vertical windows. Consider light reflective low-E glass to reduce overheating... Podcast - Episode 18 Podcast is a new version of the Home Discovery Radio Show Shell used to do every weekend across Western Canada. In the Podcast, Shell answers YOUR emails, has interviews with guests in the Home Improvement industry and features hard to find, but use-able products.
Make your concrete job a (non) cracking success

Now that summer has finally arrived, I’ve heard from many homeowners over the past week who are now ready to move forward with their concrete projects, such as patios, driveways, and sidewalks.
Floor Soundproofing Detail

Install R-20 batt insulation flush with bottom of joist ( see 2)Install sound board, donna conna or homasote sound board (see 3)Install acoustical channel by nailing through item...
The Latest in Noise Control Solutions for the Home

The emerging popularity for today's homebuyers is soundproofing in the home, whether it's relief from noisy neighbors or creating the ultimate home theatre room there are more options than ever in the area of noise control available to homeowners.
Preventing condensation from forming in your metal tool shed

I have a metal tool shed. During the winter months the inside of the shed is completely saturated with moisture and has caused bikes to rust and the seats to become moldy. Is there anything I can do to...
Do not cover your attic vent turbine for the winter

Question from: RobertWinnipeg, MBDear Shell,Should I cover my attic vent turbine for the winter or not (in past I've been told to cover it with a plastic yard garbage bag.)
Hardwood floors vs. carpet for dust control

Question from: ClaytonNanaimo, BCDear Shell,My mother and I have been having a disagreement. She says that hardwood floors put less dust into the household environment than...
How Do I Control Humidity In Garage, My Tools Are Rusting?

Q: I am having a problem with surface rust accumulating on my tools in my insulated garage. Could you recommend a small dehumidistat-controlled exhaust system I can install, which will help prevent this from happening?
Controlling Moisture in the Home

The most often talked about problem in the home is moisture control and how to get rid of it. Moisture usually becomes a problem as soon as the weather turns cold and we close up our windows and doors. The moisture looks for places to vent and if there isn't sufficient ventilation, you may begin to find excess moisture showing up on windows or as stains on the ceiling.
Window condensation

Question from: DaveWaterloo, ONDear Shell,My windows have a lot of condensation on them this time of year. Would running my furnace fan at all times help the situation, or...