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Shell Buseys Home Improvements And Renovations - Kitchens And Bathrooms

Shell Busey’s Home Improvements and Renovations can remodel or redesign your existing kitchen or bathroom. Our consultants can help you with ideas or work with you if you have your own. In your Kitchen, we can install new countertops, installation of new appliances, new flooring, bu...
Shell Buseys Home Improvements And Renovations - Renovations

Shell Busey’s Home Improvements and Renovations can change the look of your lower mainland BC home both inside and out. From a complete re-design to minor changes, SBHI&R’s consultant can give you ideas and suggestions if you are stumped. Call today to receive a FREE estimate ...
The Caruk Group

Originally starting in the heating and air-conditioning industry, Caruk quickly discovered his true passion: renovations. Over the years, Caruk has worked with some of Toronto's most successful architects and designers, with spectacular results....
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Shell Busey Blog - Merit Kitchens

Shell Busey's Home Improvements & Renovations can renovate the interior AND/OR exterior of your home. They use quality products like Merit Kitchens Ltd cabinets and drawers.
Outdoor Fireplaces and Patio Heaters

Q. We spend a lot of time in our backyard and we are in the process of designing an outdoor kitchen. We are also looking to add a heat source such as a fireplace or patio heater. Where we live we are not permitted to burn wood and I am wondering what your advice would be in regards to outdoor gas fireplaces. Is there a concern the metal will rust in our climate? Do they throw off a lot of heat and are they very costly to run?
Cork Flooring for Kitchens & Bathrooms

Q) We are replacing the vinyl flooring in our kitchen and we are considering cork flooring. I have heard you mention that you do not advise installing laminate flooring in bathrooms or kitchen. Can you tell me why you don't advise it? We like the look of and feel of cork and have found lots of styles to choose from that have a dark finish that we want, but we are wondering about how well it holds up in a kitchens. We are also wondering what to look for in regards to quality.
Shell Busey Blog - Outdoor Propane Fire Pits

Having an outdoor heating source is a great way to extend your time outdoors. While an outdoor fire pit creates great ambience, they do not create a lot of warmth for an open space. They are also not meant for cooking, you should still do that on the BBQ! It's just that easy.
Shell Buseys, Building Family Days to Last

Each week the Vancouver Province finds out what local personalities like to do on Sundays. Recently, Shell Busey shared with readers how he spends his Sunday once he finishes his radio program.
New Kitchen Renovation - Video

Why change just your cabinet doors, when you can do this!! Lights, cabinets, counters back splash.
Kitchen Renovation - Old Kitchen Transformed By SBHI

Shell Busey's Home Improvements & Renovations can design and renovate your whole home or just your kitchen and/or bathroom. Call 604.542.2236 to get your FREE estimate.This old large kitchen was enjoyed in its day, solid oak cabinets; room for all the cooking and baking a home owner could want.
Renovated Condo Increased Sale Price

This 2 bedroom White Rock condo stayed at a low market value for years . Approx $180,000. Maybe it was the kitchen or the old floors?
Ceramic Tiles For Outdoor Use

Q: What would be the best approach to purchasing ceramic tiles for a small ground-level concrete patio and back steps? Also, do you have any installation tips for using tile outside?
Condo Kitchen Renovation - Video

This beautifully renovated kitchen was in a small down condo town high rise. Strata was informed of the changes and plumbing permits had to be in place before starting the demolition. A small wall was taken out to open up the space. We moved the sink and stove to give more cabinet space and food prep. The lighting, granite, and paint were coordinated to the rich coloured espresso custom cabinets.
Storage Expansion and Kitchen Renovation

This home in South Surrey needed some streamline cabinet storage. Having a wall of white cabinets that were beautifully linked together by crown mouldings at the ceiling gave a calming organized feeling to this busy home.
Eliminating algae build-up from indoor/outdoor carpet

Question from: ShelleyWinnipeg, MBDear Shell,We have indoor/outdoor carpet surrounding our in-ground pool and it seems that we have black algae developing. How do we remove...
Protect Your Patio Furniture

Winter Wind, rain and cold weather will damage even the most durable furniture over time. The best way to care for outdoor furniture during the cold months is to store pieces in the basement, garage or shed. If that's not an option there are a variety of outdoor furniture covers available for tables, umbrella and stacking chairs.
Accessible Bathroom Renovation

This bathroom was not only small but trying to have a bath when you are wheel chair bound is nearly impossible. In this condo we took this bathroom apart. Widened the entry and tiled all the walls and all the floor.
Question of the Month - Heat Pumps

Q: What is a heat pump?
Cladding with Carpet

An ideal way to dress up your patio or steps is to clad with indoor/outdoor carpeting.
Cleaning the concrete around a pool

Question from: MaureenLangley, BCDear Shell,We have an outdoor in-ground pool that was here when we bought our house. The outside area around the pool is concrete. It has...
Cladding with Carpet

An ideal way to dress up your patio or steps this project is done using cladding with indoor/outdoor carpeting.
Remove Outdoor Carpet Off Concrete & Prepare For New Surface

Q: Is there a product that will remove the old glue and remnants of outdoor carpeting from the concrete on my balcony? I would assume there must be some sort of product that can be applied to get rid of the adhesive left behind after we pull up the carpet. We are planning to finish it off with Tech Stone Granite.
Heat Pumps Work All Seasons

I am sure many of you have heard of a heat pump, some of you may even have one, but has anyone ever taken the time to explain what they are and how they work?