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Drainrock Industries

Drainrock Industries is your trusted family owned and operated company that specializes in doing the job RIGHT the first time. Their team can correctly diagnose and repair problem areas such as: flooded homes/basements and crawlspaces, cracked foundations, soggy or wet back yards, settled concrete and water intrusion. They assess the problem area and give a retailed analysis on the root of the problem with the aid of a video inspection camera and hydro f...
Deodoroc Odor Removal Products by NonScents

Effective & environmentally safe way to remove odors throughout your home. Fragrance free and non-toxic, Deodoroc removes any type of organic or chemical odor from any material or area. Ideal for refrigerators, cupboards, drawers, closets, trunks, sports bags, basements, BBQ and automobiles.
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Odor problems in the house resulting from high humidity

Question from: MitchLac du Bonnet, MBDear Shell,I have an HRV, electronic air cleaner, and a forced air furnace. I run the units throughout the summer with the HRV set at...
Moisture Problem in Basement or Crawlspace

Q: We live in a 20 year old home, 4 level split. Just recently we noticed as we went down to the basement there is a damp, musty smell. The smell is not always strong. There isn't a wet spot anywhere around. Would you kindly give me advice as to what I could do? Thank you for your assistance.
Humidity problems

Question from: BobbiGlenella, MBDear Shell,We live near Riding Mountain National Park; we have humidity problems in our home up and downstairs. I have a large dehumidifier...
Proper Preparation Can Prevent Mildew Growth

Q: We had some of our summer patio furniture stored in the crawl space. We have brought it out and were surprised to find a strong musty odour, as well as some mildew on some pieces. What can we do to prevent this happening again?
storage in the crawl space

Q. We recently brought out our patio cushions that we stored in the crawl space over the winter only to find everything damp and musty smelling. Is there something we can do so we can use our crawl space to store our seasonal items such as patio furniture, summer toys and Christmas decorations?
(Video) How To Dehumidify Your Basement

Have you recently been in the crawl space to bring out the summer furniture and garden equipment only to find everything damp, covered with mildew and exhibiting a strong musty odour?
Musty Odor In Our Crawl Space

We have an old house, quite small and the basement is finished in concrete. There is also a crawl space. We do have a sump pump working but there is a musty odor. I have a small heater to try and keep it dry, but the smell is still there. Is there something I can put in the basement to get rid of the odor. We do not have any windows there. It seems the smell is bad particularly at run off time. I know there is a product for Recreational vehicles called dry ease. Would this work?
How Can I Get Rid Of The Musty Smell in My Home?

Q. Every time I come home I smell a damp musty odour. I think the smell is coming from my crawl space. I especially notice the musty odour on clothes or anything that has been stored down there. The perimeter drains were cleaned out last winter and I have laid down a moisture barrier on the crawl space floor. The crawl space is below grade with no windows. What can be done to address the ventilation?
Drainage Systems: The Feet of Your Home

Have you ever wondered, how does my drainage system work?
Moisture control in the crawlspace

Question from: KarimVancouver, BCDear Shell,I have a musty smell in my crawl space and basement. I noticed that one of our crawlspaces have no vents and the other crawl space...
Musty Odors in an RV

Q. My husband and I recently purchased a travel trailer that had been sitting on a recreational lot for some time. We thought that with some thorough cleaning and airing out, we'd be able to get rid of the musty smell that permeates through the trailer. Unfortunately none of that has worked!! Do you have any suggestions?
Know What Your Home Sits On

To understand your house as a system, you must begin with the land your home sits on and how it is structured. Is it on a full basement, crawl space or slab on grade and what do each of these terms mean? Does your home sit on a sloping piece of property and if so what can you expect in the future: surface water, roof water, groundwater?
Humidex System To Remove Moisture and Condensation From Home

If you have a high relative humidity in your home, excess moisture can be handled in a number of ways. Consider the installation of a low sone (quiet) exhaust fan that is controlled by a dehumidistat. Those with moisture problems in their crawl space/basement or sunroom/solarium can find relief from the problem with a Humidex system.
Will Convection Heat Help Banish Musty Smell?

Q: We live in an older rancher (about 40 years old). When we go away for a few weeks, there is a musty smell in the house when we return. It is similar to going into a musty, unfinished basement. The house is on slab and the forced-air heating ducts travel from the furnace either under or in the slab. I can feel the rusted or degraded pieces of duct when I put my hand down as far a possible. We have had an environmental group do tests and there is not any mould.
Stale Air from the Furnace

Question from Darcy in Chilliwack, BC -----Dear Shell,26 year old two storey with a four foot heated crawl space, unvented. The crawl space is completely dry with no signs of moisture,...
Coping With Moisture Problems in the Home

The most often talked about problem in the home is moisture control and how to get rid of it. Moisture usually becomes a problem as soon as the weather turns cold and we close up our windows and doors. The moisture looks for places to vent and if there isn't sufficient ventilation, you may begin to find excess moisture showing up on windows or as stains on the ceiling.
Sealing, Painting and Insulating a Crawlspace

I have a question about sealing, painting and insulating a crawlspace. We have purchased a 17-year old townhouse. The building inspector we hired made us aware of some minor dampness emanating from the concrete floor and foundation walls in the crawlspace. There was some dampness on the crawlspace walls and floor and a musty odor.
Ask Shell's Tip Of The Day - Kitchen Drain Pipe Maintenance

The foul smells coming from sink drains are caused by soaps, shampoos and food going down the drain and clinging to the side of the drain pipe between the drain hole and the trap.
What Order To Follow When Renovating?

Q: We have just purchased a new home and before we move in we have a few weeks to put in new flooring and repaint. We are quite new at this and I am wondering in what order we should do everything. Also, the previous owners were heavy smokers, so can you tell me how we can get rid of odours before we put in our new flooring?
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