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BPM Electric

Established in 1994, BPM Electric proudly serves residential and commercial customers throughout the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. BPM Electric offers professional, reliable service with a focus on safety and value. ...
Fretter Design

Custom Landscaping for Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. They have been in the business of designing and building fine gardens since 1981. An eye for good design and a commitment to quality workmanship are the hallmarks of their service. They offer innovative solutions to site challenges and bring a flexible and personable spirit to the task at hand. Gordon Fretter holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Landscape Horticulture from UBC. He has thirty years experience i...
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Renovating A Kitchen

I am considering doing some renovations to my 11 year old condo in Vancouver (Citygate), particularly the kitchen. Could you provide me with the name or names of Companies that could advise me on what I might do and who could do it? Things like cupboards, counters, lighting, floors etc.
Protecting Your Home - Home Security Tips

Whether you live in an apartment or house be sure to leave your home secure by addressing a few key areas including lighting, landscaping and alarms. Here are a few valuable tips:
A Study Into Fluorescent Lighting

Fluorescent Lighting has been used in industrial applications for decades, and in recent years the compact fluorescent bulb or CFL has become a great way to conserve energy use within the home. Today Fluorescent lighting is used in a variety of applications, and within the next 4 years, the incandescent light bulb will be phased out completely.
Energy Saving Tips

Q: The news is full of articles regarding the cost of energy which is a concern to many home owners. Do you have some tips that we can utlilize?
(Video) Is Your Home Secure?

Today, home security is a concern in all areas of the country, quiet suburbs and busy metropolitan areas alike. You can help secure your home by addressing a few key areas.
Better Curb Appeal in Just a Few Simple Steps

How does your house look from the street? Stand at the curb in front of your house and note what you see. When you look at it objectively, does it make a strong first impression? If not, where is there room for improvement? Take a tour of your neighborhood to find out what appeals to you. Look at homes similar to your own home's style. Following is a list of some tips for a better curb appeal:
Recycling Fluorescent Lighting

Many people make a New Year's resolution for themselves, and while some resolutions are personal goals, many are focusing on living a greener lifestyle. When we think of greening our lifestyles, the waste we produce, and what we recycle comes to mind. Recycling your old used fluorescent lights instead of throwing them in the trash is a great way to start. It may not seem like a big deal to throw one or 2 away, but when disposed of improperly, fluorescent lights have a negative impact on the envi
Energy-Efficient Holiday Lighting

A little light can go a long way during the holiday season and choosing the most appropriate holiday lights to decorate your house can add up to big energy savings over this season and seasons to come. If you are purchasing new lights consider holiday energy efficient (LED) light emitting diodes, rope lighting or fibre optic cabling.
Ask Shell's Tip Of The Day - Dimmer Switches

Dimmer switches allow you to set the lighting mood of a room, from a soft, dramatic glow to a dazzling brightness, and all ranges in between, simply by turning a knob. They also conserve electricity when set at a position other than full on. Installation is similar to other switches, except that the control knob is pressed on after the switches are mounted and the plate re-installed.
Put a little light on the season

A little light can go a long way during the holiday season and choosing the most appropriate holiday lights to decorate your house can add up to big energy savings over this season and seasons to come. If you are purchasing new lights consider holiday energy efficient (LED) light emitting diodes, rope lighting or fibre optic cabling. Timers can also save you energy and money by automatically turning lights on at dusk and turning them off at a scheduled time. Be sure the timer is designed for the
Shutting Down Gas Fireplaces in the Warmer Months

You can prevent wasting energy (in this case, natural gas) by turning off the pilot light on your fireplace during the summer and whenever you're not using it on a regular basis throughout the heating...
Open Burning Restricted In Coastal BC

Effective at noon on Friday, May 13, 2016, Category 2 open fires will be prohibited in most areas of the Coastal Fire Centre's jurisdiction to help prevent human-caused wildfires and protect public safety.
Habitat for Humanity - ReStores

ReStores are building supply stores run by Habitat for Humanity affiliates that accept and resell quality new and used building materials. Shopping at a ReStore is a socially conscious decision, as funds generated are used to fund Habitat homebuilding projects. As well, shopping at a ReStore is also a socially conscious decision, as much of what is sold at ReStores is product that is new, gently used or customer returns that would otherwise end up in a landfill.
Dispelling a few myths about Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs

There's a wealth of information out there about compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), and while much of it is helpful, there's a fair amount of misleading or incorrect information.So before you're...
Condo Kitchen Renovation - Video

This beautifully renovated kitchen was in a small down condo town high rise. Strata was informed of the changes and plumbing permits had to be in place before starting the demolition. A small wall was taken out to open up the space. We moved the sink and stove to give more cabinet space and food prep. The lighting, granite, and paint were coordinated to the rich coloured espresso custom cabinets.
Replacing Electrical Switches

If a fuse blows or a circuit breaker trips every time you turn on a switch, the switch itself is probably to blame and should be replaced. There are many different types of switches, but replacement procedures...
Fall Energy Saving Projects

Follow these tips to play a part in conserving energy:
Prepare Your Home in Case of Power Failure

Power supply interruptions can last from a few hours to several days and are often caused by freezing rain, sleet storms and/or high winds which damage power lines and equipment. An extended power failure during winter months, and subsequent loss of heating, can result in cold, damp homes, severe living conditions and damage to walls, floors and plumbing.
Renovate for Independent Living

For many seniors, living independently at home is a much less costly and much more welcome alternative to moving to a seniors facility however, the design of our homes, does not allow for the increasing disabilities that sometimes come with growing older. Seniors can have some difficulty carrying out daily activities because of steep stairs, hard to reach switches and cupboards, or bathroom fixtures that are too awkward.
Closing Up Cottage or RV For Winter

Q: Every fall we debate back and forth as to the best method of closing up our cottage for the winter months. Do you have some guidelines that we might follow.