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Ocean Park Insulation & Sound Control

Established in 2015, Ocean Park Insulation and Sound Control is the growth of one of the best and most experienced insulation contrators in the Lower Mainland. Ocean Park Insulation is the new company of Reggie and Mike, which replaces A-1 Cellulose Blower which was founded in 1977. With additions of new spray foam and attic remediation services it was time for a name change. Our team is made up of specialists and experts that understand the intricacies of insulating old homes. I...
North Shore Insulation

Insulation keeps your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. North Shore Insulation Ltd provides insulation services to homes and businesses in Surrey, Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver and the Lower Mainland until Whistler. Our offerings include: Attic insulation Batt insulation Spray foam insulation Slab insulation Attic insulation removal Frost protection Soundproofing ...
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Attic Insulation Upgrade

Question from Evelyn in Surrey, B.C. -----Dear Shell,My husband and I recently purchased a home. We currently have vermiculite in the attic. The space between the 2x6's is filled...
Should I Upgrade My Insulation? I Have Wood Shavings Right Now.

Question from Andrew in Winnipeg, MB -----Dear Shell,Our 1000 square foot home is insulated with wood shavings. I don't believe it is adequate insulation for summer or winter....
What type of insulation is best for these areas in my home?

Q. We have just replaced the furnace in our 20-year-old home and now we would like to upgrade the insulation in our attic and possibly basement. Currently, our attic has the blown in cellulose and our basement is finished but the walls feel cool and we are unsure of what type of insulation is behind the drywall. What type of insulation would you recommend for these areas to make it more energy efficient or is it necessary to upgrade the insulation in a home of this age.
Ask Shell's Tip Of The Day - How To Insulate and Frame A Basement

Shell Busey shows you how to insulate and frame a basement wall.Upgrading your home's insulation is one of the easiest ways to reduce your energy bill while keeping your family warm in the winter. Insulation and ventilation work together to make your home comfortable.
Insulation Upgrades for the Walls

Q. My question is regarding inner wall insulation. The room location is on the west wall of a bedroom which dimensions are 10' x 13', there is a door and one window. The outside wall has the window and is 4' wide and 3' high located on the west side of the room. The only other side that needs insulation help is the south wall that joins the west wall.
Upgrading insulation

Question from: MaureenCzar, ABDear Shell,What is the best insulation to put down when changing siding? The walls are 2x4 with fiberglass (batt) insulation and spruce plywood...
Curling Roof Shingles A Result Of Poor Ventilation

Q: I have recently noticed that the edges of our roof shingles have started curling at the edges just above the gutters. What is causing this and do we need to do something to stop it?
Dealing with condensation problems

Question from: LorraineVictoria, BCDear Shell,I have a home, approximately 900 square feet, on a dirt crawl space, all vinyl windows, insulation bats under the house, insulation...
Adding insulation and vinyl siding to existing cedar siding

Question from: MarleneBalmoral, MBDear Shell,I am adding additional insulation and vinyl siding to my house. It is about 35 years old and currently has cedar siding which...
Insulation as a sound barrier

Question from: MichaelKimberley, BCDear Shell,We are renovating our basement and the TV room and a bedroom are below the two upstairs bedrooms. What R-level of insulation...
I want to insulate the floor of the sunroom and replace the carpet.

Dear Shell,I have a 3 season south facing raised sunroom attached to my home. The underneath of the sunroom is enclosed but not insulated. The sunroom is constructed of 2 x 4 studs and 2 x...
Purchasing a home with vermiculite insulation

Q. We are interested in buying a house that has vermiculite insulation in the attic. We requested that the sellers have it removed but instead they have agreed to lower the asking price of the house. I have discussed this with my realtor and home inspector but I would like another opinion to know if this is a major concern.
Cold Kitchen Addition

Question from Barbara in St. Albert, AB -----Dear Shell, I am living in a 1100sq bungalow, and the previous owners had an addition put onto the kitchen. This area became the main...
Insulating Exterior Walls

Q: I have an older modular home [25 yrs old]. I am planning to drywall all the outside walls and I would like to know if I should put a vapour barrier over the existing paneling before I apply the dry wall, thinking this would help in sealing and improving insulation of the walls from outside drafts or would this become a moisture problem. The existing walls are rated [R10] batt insulation, vapour barrier and paneling.
Insulating Crawlspaces & Elevated Subfloors

I live in a split level home. The mid level is on a crawl space (approx 3.5') with a concrete foundation. The floor is Pergo laminate and I find it very cold. I've gone into the crawl space and pushed pink insulation between the floor joists, but I still find the floor cold. Note, that there is a furnace outlet dispersing some heat into the crawl space. Have I done myself a disservice with the insulation? Would it be better to leave the insulation on the floor on the concrete foundation? Or do y
Upgrading Insulation In An Older Home

Are you a first-time home buyer and have purchased an older home and would like to upgrade the insulation in the ceiling and walls?
Insulation Up-Grades Make a Huge Difference To Your Homes Comfort

Check your house for poor insulation. Poorly insulated roofs, basement walls, floors over crawlspaces and outside walls allow a direct flow of heat to the outside. Insulation is like putting a giant sleeping bag around your house. Insulating materials are rated by their resistance to heat flow. The higher the rating or R value the better the material.
Improving the R factor in the attic

Q. I would like to improve the R factor in my attic. The problem is that when the home was built there were no insulation stops installed. I would like to put them on both sides of the house to improve the ventilation. The soffits and gables are all open to the attic and a thermostat controlled power vent was installed when the new shingles went on.
Upgrading Insulation In An Older Home

Are you a first-time home buyer and have purchased an older home and would like to upgrade the insulation in the ceiling and walls?
Preventing curling asphalt shingles

Roof ventilation the cause of curling asphalt shingles. Are your asphalt shingles showing signs of curling as well as discolouring around the flashings of chimneys and along the soffit lines?