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The Home Wash Company

Servicing the Lower Mainland, offering hand washing using soft brushes for the exterior of your home, roof moss removal, professional pressure washing, gutter and window cleaning. NEW FOR WINTER, SNOW REMOVAL SERVICES. ...
Shell Buseys Home Improvements And Renovations - Renovations

Shell Busey’s Home Improvements and Renovations can change the look of your lower mainland BC home both inside and out. From a complete re-design to minor changes, SBHI&R’s consultant can give you ideas and suggestions if you are stumped. Call today to receive a FREE estimate ...
Shell Buseys Home Improvements And Renovations - Kitchens And Bathrooms

Shell Busey’s Home Improvements and Renovations can remodel or redesign your existing kitchen or bathroom. Our consultants can help you with ideas or work with you if you have your own. In your Kitchen, we can install new countertops, installation of new appliances, new flooring, bu...
Shell Buseys Home Improvements And Renovations - Patio Covers And Railings

Looking for extra shade in the summertime? Or want to barbeque in the winter months? A patio cover is just what you need. Let a consultant from Shell Busey’s Home Improvements and Renovations price out a patio cover for your family. Shell Busey’s Home Improvements and Ren...
Shell Buseys Home Improvements And Renovations - Decks

Shell Busey’s Home Improvements and Renovations can repair or replace your deck anywhere in the greater Vancouver area. From wood to vinyl to composite, a SBHI&R consultant can happily give you an estimate for either repair or replacement. Long term moisture exposure can cause ...
Shell Buseys Home Improvements And Renovations - Drywall

Shell Busey’s Home Improvements and Renovations have experienced drywaller installers in the Vancouver area who can repair holes in your interior walls or put up new sheets of drywall if needed. SBHI&R can drywall your ceiling as well, giving you a smooth or textured finish.
Shell Buseys Home Improvements And Renovations - Siding and Stucco

Shell Busey’s Home Improvements and Renovations can repair siding or install new siding to your home. SBHI&R consultants have experience sourcing and installing different types of siding. From James Hardie to Vinyl, they can find a product suitable for your home. Stucco repairs...
Shell Buseys Home Improvements And Renovations - Handyman Services

No job is too big or too small for Shell Busey’s Home Improvements and Renovations handyman services in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. ...
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Power washing a condo complex

Question from: Lynda in Coquitlam, BC -----Dear Shell, I live in a strata-titled high-rise concrete condominium, which is scheduled to be power washed on its exterior. This will...
Smelly Washing Machine

Dear Shell,We have a musty odor in our washing machine that has been there since we moved in four years ago. The odor is not coming from the drain. It seems to be coming from inside the machine itself.
Precautions For Overflowing Washing Machine

Q. We are moving my laundry room to the second floor but I'm worried about a potential overflow. What can precautions can I do to prevent this from happening.
In your opinion would power washing be safe or should I go with the more time-consuming gentle approach?

Dear Shell, I own a 1910 house with clapboard siding that is in need of painting. I've noticed that several similar houses that have been painted in the neighbourhood were first power washed...
Ceiling Tile Cleaning or Painting?

Q. I have 12x12 tiles on my ceilings through out our home. They are made of a soft wood fibre type of material. Somebody said they were made by "Ten Test" or something like that. Some are acoustic with holes and others are just plain white. I want to clean them up or paint them and any suggestions would be helpful?
Tips to Beat the Heat in the Home

Tips to cool down your home in the hot summer months:
Lead Paint?

Question from Jeff in Creston, B.C. ------Mr. Busey,We have just started renovations on our home. The house is 90 plus years old and has plasterboard walls. I would like to sand...
Hand Washing Exterior of Home

Q: My vinyl siding, gutter and windows are in desperate need of a thorough cleaning. I listen to your show every weekend and I have heard you mention not to powerwash vinyl siding. I have a fairly large house and I am wondering how to get it clean and remove the mossy green from the gutters. It's not a job I am looking forward to but we want to sell our home and it is in desperate need of some TLC.
How To Sound Proof a Laundry Room?

Q: I am turning an upstairs closet into a laundry closet for a stacking washer/dryer. Do you have any ideas for the floor and/or insulating the closet to reduce vibrations and noise? The room under the closet has exposed ceiling joists. Also, do you have a preference between the energy-efficient front-loading machine, and the top-loader models that are less expensive?
Cracked Stucco

Question from David in Parksville, B.C. -----Our house was built in 1994 and has an acrylic stucco finish. It is a 2 story home. On the northeast side of the house (bottom story only) the stucco...
Painting Dark Colours

Question from Margaret in Abbotsford, B.C. -----Dear Shell,I am painting my son's bedroom. I first primed the walls with a latex primer and then filled in the holes and sanded....
Cut Down on Your Hot Water Consumption

Here are a few tips that can help- Fix leaky taps immediately! A hot water tap, dripping once every second, wastes 720 litres (160 gallons) per month! That's 16 hot baths!
Cleaning The Inside Logs Of A Log Home

I constructed a log home by myself, it took me three years. My logs got UV burned in the process. I removed the UV burn on the outside with a product called WOOD RENEW from permachink.
Pressure Balance Shower Faucet

Q: We have a problem with water flow in our home. Whenever the sprinklers are on, a toilet is flushed or the dishwasher or washing machine are on the water flow drops elsewhere. This is particularly annoying when one is in the shower. Is there any way to remedy or help this situation?
Preparing a bedroom for repainting

Question from: MichellePort Coquitlam, BCDear Shell,We are repainting the bedroom of a house we just purchased. We are painting over strong shades of pink and painting one...
Yellowed door frame

Question from: MikeKitchener, ONDear Shell,I have a checkerboard plastic frame around the front door window that has yellowed. The frames on the windows on each side of the...
Ask Shell's Tip Of The Day - How To Repair Crack In Basement Wall

Shell Busey shows you how to repair a crack in your basement concrete wall.
Cleaning Efflorescence From Paving Stones

Q: We have a backyard rectangular shaped brick (paving stones) deck. Quite a large number of the bricks (which are grey) have white on them that we cannotremove. I was hoping there was something that we could use to wash them and remove this unsightly problem.
Water Damaged Drywall

Question from Pam in Sherwood Park ----- Dear Shell,Recently, we had a flood in our basement which we found when we returned home from a weeks vacation. We are not sure when the...
Removing Candle Wax from a Fibreglass Deck

Question from Janice in Pitt Meadows, British Columbia -----Dear Shell,I had a citronella candle on the table outside on our fiberglass deck. It broke and the wax went all over...