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Bakerview Heating & Cooling LTD.

At Bakerview Heating & Cooling, they treat all their customers with honesty and integrity. They have been proudly serving the HVAC industry for over 25 years and have all the experience needed to serve you and make you comfortable in your home. They listen to what their customers are saying and choose together, with customers, which product and model will fit their budget and house design. They specialize in retrofit, service of your existing furnace, heat pump, ai...

From kitchen to bedroom, find the right solutions to address and customize your everyday climate, air quality, and more. Thermostats, humidifiers, air cleaners and ventilation. New products include, WIFI Thermostats and Honeywell Water Leak Alarms. Call 1-877-271-8620. ...
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Boiler Maintenance - In-Floor Radiant Heat

Question from Jim in Kitscoty, Alberta -----Good Day Shell. I live in a five-year old home with in-floor heating. I asked the retailer who installed the in-floor heating if I should...
Radiant Heat and an HRV plus .... Sealing a Concrete Slab

Question from Harry in Maple Ridge, B.C. -----Dear Shell,I am building a 2200 sq. ft. rancher on a slab in Maple Ridge and I am heating it with radiant floor heating (Boiler type)...
Installing a Geothermal Heating System in a Smaller Home

Q) We are building a new home in a rural subdivision, and are investigating the cost/benefit of geothermal heating and air conditioning. I recall hearing you recommending against installing geothermal for houses under 3000 square feet. Can you outline why?
We Have a 30 Year Old Furnace - Time For a New One?

Question from Bruce in North Vancouver, B.C. -----Dear Shell,I have an Anthes furnace Model#HGB120 in my 30-year-old home, heating bills have doubled. Should this furnace be serviced...
Geothermal heating

Question from: JodyLangley, BCDear Shell,With the rise in natural gas rates effective July 1st, the heating system you use in your new home, geothermal, is it worthwhile looking...
Do Not Wait To Service Furnace

Q: I have been advised that it is a good idea to have our furnace checked ahead of the heating season. I am not sure I want to spend the money now not knowing whether the furnace requires any pre heating season maintenance.
How often should we clean our heating ducts?

Q: I have been getting conflicting stories from family & friends and would like to know if it really is necessary to have my heating ducts cleaned after extensive renovations? Also how often should one have them cleaned?
Cold Kitchen Addition

Question from Barbara in St. Albert, AB -----Dear Shell, I am living in a 1100sq bungalow, and the previous owners had an addition put onto the kitchen. This area became the main...
Shutting Down Gas Fireplaces in the Warmer Months

You can prevent wasting energy (in this case, natural gas) by turning off the pilot light on your fireplace during the summer and whenever you're not using it on a regular basis throughout the heating...
When its Time to Replace a Furnace

Q: I live in an 1820 sq.ft. two storey home in Winnipeg. The basement is fully developed and heated as well. My concern is that we still have the original heating system, now 33 years old, and I want your opinion on whether or not we should consider replacing it this coming summer. We have it inspected every fall and so far it is operating just fine. If you advise replacing it, what level of efficiency should we be looking at and could you recommend a reliable heating company here in Winnipeg th
Question of the Month - Heat Pumps

Q: What is a heat pump?
Should I get a High Efficiency Boiler?

Dear Shell,I am considering replacing a 25-year old Weil - McLain H.W. boiler with a new high efficiency boiler. I have been told that my present boiler is about 65% efficient and that a new high efficiency boiler has an over 90% rating. Is this true?
Geothermal heating costs

Question from: JacquiAbbotsford, BCDear Shell,We are planning to build a home in 2002. I have investigated all there is about geothermal and would like to have your views...
Replacing Furnace - What Level of Efficiency?

Q: I live in Winnipeg in a 32 year old 1850sq.ft. two story home. We have a full basement that has been developed and is heated during the winter. I have recently replaced all the windows and upgraded the attic insulation. I am considering replacing the old, original gas heating system. My question is what level of efficiency should I be looking at and what brand of system would you recommend? Also, could you recommend a heating firm here in Winnipeg who could do the installation?
Heat Pumps Work All Seasons

I am sure many of you have heard of a heat pump, some of you may even have one, but has anyone ever taken the time to explain what they are and how they work?
Are Polybutylene Pipes Durable or Should I Replace With Copper?

Q: I have recently purchased a home with PolyB plumbing. Can I replace all the hot water connectors with copper ones, or do I have to replace all the plumbing with copper? We have not had any problems with water thus far but have heard it can lead to problems.
Installing a heating duct muffler

Do you hear everything being said down stairs through your heating ducts? Here's What to do: 1. Follow the instructions for noisy plumbing pipes the difference being that it is in the ceiling...
Poor Air Flow at Our Heat Registers

I have a down-flow gas furnace. How can I increase the airflow at the floor registers? There is very little air at the registers when furnace running now.
Cut costs with new thermostat

One of the least expensive ways to lower your home heating bill is to install a programmable thermostat. They are inexpensive, priced between $25 and $100 and you can save three to four percent on your heating costs by turning your thermostat down 3 Celsius for at least eight hours every day.
Fall Maintenance For Interior Of Home

Fall is here and it's the time of year when we inspect our homes and ensure our homes' heating systems are in fine working order. While the timing of the seasons varies, this maintenance list is a general guide for you to follow.