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Preventing fog between insul pane windows

Do you have insul pane windows that fog up between the glass panes when the sun comes up in the morning?Insulated glass that fogs up is an indication of glass failure. Over the...
Cleaning the glass on your gas fireplace

Question from: TerryAbbotsford, BCDear Shell,I was wondering if you know of a way to clean the glass on gas fireplaces? I have tried the manufacturers suggestions, warm, soapy...
Foggy Glass In Windows

Q: We have a home with ½” Insul glass window panes that have started to fog up on the inside over the last few years. We’ve been told the glass is faulty and we should exchange our windows to more efficient. The frames are vinyl and are still in good condition.
Remove Cooking Oil From Glass

Q: I installed an aluminium railing system that I bought at Home Depot. It has glass panels vs. the pickets around the deck. The glass panels are tempered glass and I believe 3/16. My question is how do I remove cooking oil that has baked onto the glass? The instructions suggested using it to slide the glass along. I had no idea it would be so difficult.
White Rock Glass Is Now Novus Glass

White Rock Glass is now known as Novus Glass South Surrey. The ownership is still the same, the only change is the name and expansion of mobile service!
Removing masking tape residual from wood windows

My painter put masking tape around all my wood windows. This has left a huge mess. What can I use to make the clean up easier? Tips: 1. When masking windows for painting use a dry...
Don't Fix Foggy Windows

I've received many inquiries from homeowners concerned about foggy windows. What they are noticing is their windows are foggy because the sealed glass unit (dual pane glass) has been compromised, allowing water vapour to get inside the window pane, showing up as moisture or condensation on the inside of the sealed glass unit.
Failed Window Unit

Question from Jack ----- Dear Shell,I've got a problem with moisture in between a large double-pane window. Is there any remedy besides replacing the window?Jack
Cleaning glass fireplace doors

Question from: DonAbbotsford, BCDear Shell,I have a gas fireplace. Every year the glass gets a buildup on the flame side. It looks like ash but is extremely difficult to remove....
HouseSmart Referral Network Featured Member - Novus Glass

Shell Busey's Home Service Referral Network consists of over 180 members. Every day we have the opportunity to connect homeowners with our network members across Canada.
Replacement windows

Question from: StewartCalgary, ABDear Shell,I am doing consumer research on replacement windows for my home. We are looking at triple glazing with 2 layers of low E coating...
Servicing sliding glass door wheels

Question from: GaryTsawassen, BCDear Shell,My sliding glass door to my patio is very tight and hard to open & close. Are there wheels on the bottom of the door that may be...
Getting Tape Residue Off Windows

Q: My Painter put masking tape around all my windows. This has left a huge mess. What can I use to make the clean up easier?
Windows Showing Signs Moisture or Fogging of the Glass

Q: We have 3 sealed (inert gas) double pane windows 20 years old that have started to leak. We were going to just replace them until we saw an ad in our local weekly from a company called "Canadian Window Restoration".
Replacing And Updating Your Windows

We recently bought an old home that still has the original drafty windows. In the process of researching replacement windows I found a site claiming that a properly fitted and caulked window with a good storm window would work as well or better than these new replacement windows. They recommended repairing the old window instead of getting new ones. Is this true?
Condensation Problems

We just recently brought this home we are living in and find that we have condensation between our living room windows, which we never noticed until after we moved in. Is there a cure for this other than replacing the windows?
Ask Shell's Tip Of The Day - Window Security Film

Shell Busey talks about the need to secure your windows that are in, or close to doors.
Shell Busey Blog - How To Clean Fireplace Doors

One of the best products to clean glass fireplace doors is Turtle Wax (liquid), yes the same as you use on your car. Apply with a denim cloth and buff with a soft clean cloth. Most fireplace shops stock a glass cleaner but most people also have Turtle wax in the garage.
Ask Shell's Tip Of The Day - How To Insulate and Frame A Basement

Shell Busey shows you how to insulate and frame a basement wall.Upgrading your home's insulation is one of the easiest ways to reduce your energy bill while keeping your family warm in the winter. Insulation and ventilation work together to make your home comfortable.
Upgrading or Draft Proofing Your Single Glazed Windows

Are you living in a home that was built pre-1975, where you had single glazed glass installed in white or brown or a standard mill finish aluminum frame, costing you many dollars of energy during those cold winter months?