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Bakerview Heating & Cooling LTD.

At Bakerview Heating & Cooling, they treat all their customers with honesty and integrity. They have been proudly serving the HVAC industry for over 25 years and have all the experience needed to serve you and make you comfortable in your home. They listen to what their customers are saying and choose together, with customers, which product and model will fit their budget and house design. They specialize in retrofit, service of your existing furnace, heat pump, ai...
HOYME Dampers, HMI-Hoyme Manufacturing Inc.

Your home heating/cooling system fully controls the HOYME Motorized Air Control Dampers to safely and efficiently supply fresh air & control incoming air to your home. When the thermostat calls for heat, the damper opens. When the furnace goes off, it closes to prevent the entry of unnecessary cold air.
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I am replacing my furnace, are some of the available options necessary?

Question from: Horace from Edmonton, AB Dear Shell,I am replacing the furnace in my home which is 23 yrs old bungalow (1230 sq ft) with a finished basement The attic insulation...
Replacing Furnace - What Level of Efficiency?

Q: I live in Winnipeg in a 32 year old 1850sq.ft. two story home. We have a full basement that has been developed and is heated during the winter. I have recently replaced all the windows and upgraded the attic insulation. I am considering replacing the old, original gas heating system. My question is what level of efficiency should I be looking at and what brand of system would you recommend? Also, could you recommend a heating firm here in Winnipeg who could do the installation?
Cleaning carpet stains around heat vents and baseboards

How do I get rid of the grey stains on the carpet around the edges of the heat vents and baseboards? We have a gas fired furnace - what causes this? Stains around the heat registers and outside...
Can I Relocate My Furnace?

Question from Lyle in Airdrie, Alberta ----- Dear Shell,Move or Replace Furnace for basement development? I'm looking at finishing my basement. I have 1160 sq. ft., Bi-level home,...
New Furnace Installation

Q: I live in an older, split-level home. I have recently replaced all the windows and I am in the process of upgrading the attic insulation. I am considering replacing the original gas-heating system. My question is: What level of efficiency should I be looking at and what brand of system would you recommend? What should I consider when installing a new furnace.
Plenty to Consider When Upgrading Your Furnace

Last week my column was written to help you in selecting the proper fireplace for your home, now I will give you the tools you need, so you are able to make an informed decision when you decide upgrade your furnace. Almost 2 years ago, on December 31st 2009, a new national minimum energy performance standard for residential gas furnaces was introduced.
(Video) Furnace Maintenance

Regular inspection and maintenance is the best way to ensure reliability of your natural gas furnace. You can do most procedures quite easily, but a qualified and licensed gas contractor should inspect and service your furnace at the intervals recommended in the owner's manual; usually annually.
Questions To Ask When Shopping For A New Furnace

Upgrading your furnace is probably the most effective way to improve your home's energy efficiency. Selecting the right home heating system can be a confusing and overwhelming task. Efficiencies, features and price are all factors, but in the end it's a long term investment and you want quality equipment you can rely on.
Choosing the Right Furnace for Your Home

Questions to ask when purchasing a new furnace:
Don't wait, have your heating system serviced for Winter

Once the cooler nights set in, heating contractor are inundated with calls from homeowners across the country eager to have their systems serviced as we switch on our furnaces after months of dormancy. Each year, at the end of the summer season, its ideal for homeowners to beat the winter rush by arranging a maintenance visit from your heating contractor...
Fresh Air Vents on Gas Furnaces

Q) We have recently upgraded to a gas furnace, the intake air for the furnace is brought in from the outside. Are the old return air vents still required? A) The fresh air vents are still...
Change Heating System and Save More

The higher your current energy bill is, the greater your potential savings are with a new furnace. Upgrading your heating system is a great way to improve your homes energy efficiency.
Stains Around Registers Signal Leaks

With our heating systems running to keep our homes warm, many of us are probably noticing stains around heat registers and outside walls as well as inside walls and stair cases. These stains are caused from air infiltration and exfiltration.
We Have a 30 Year Old Furnace - Time For a New One?

Question from Bruce in North Vancouver, B.C. -----Dear Shell,I have an Anthes furnace Model#HGB120 in my 30-year-old home, heating bills have doubled. Should this furnace be serviced...
Make Sure a Retrofit Does Not Cause New Problems While Treating Old Ones

I have received a lot of feedback on my previous column on "prioritizing" work on your home to get the best quality of life, comfort and savings from your energy-efficiency upgrades.
Poor Air Flow at Our Heat Registers

I have a down-flow gas furnace. How can I increase the airflow at the floor registers? There is very little air at the registers when furnace running now.
When its Time to Replace a Furnace

Q: I live in an 1820 sq.ft. two storey home in Winnipeg. The basement is fully developed and heated as well. My concern is that we still have the original heating system, now 33 years old, and I want your opinion on whether or not we should consider replacing it this coming summer. We have it inspected every fall and so far it is operating just fine. If you advise replacing it, what level of efficiency should we be looking at and could you recommend a reliable heating company here in Winnipeg th
Grey Stains on Carpet Around Edges of Heat Vents

Stains around heat registers and outside walls as well as inside walls and staircases are caused from air infiltration and ex-filtration.
Stains On Carpet Around Heat Vents and Baseboards

Q: How do I get rid of the grey stains on the carpet around the edges of the heat vents and baseboards? We have a gas fired furnace – what causes this?
Should I get a High Efficiency Boiler?

Dear Shell,I am considering replacing a 25-year old Weil - McLain H.W. boiler with a new high efficiency boiler. I have been told that my present boiler is about 65% efficient and that a new high efficiency boiler has an over 90% rating. Is this true?