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Shell Busey’s Home Improvements and Renovations can change the look of your lower mainland BC home both inside and out. From a complete re-design to minor changes, SBHI&R’s consultant can give you ideas and suggestions if you are stumped. Call today to receive a FREE estimate ...
Fintastic Services

Fin is committed to environmentally friendly processes that restore your hard surfaces such as wood, granite, marble, concrete & tile. He also offers granite and concrete grinding & polishing, as well as tile re-grouting and resurfacing. SUPERIOR SERVICE, GUARANTEED. ...
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Cork Flooring

Question from: StenaSt. Albert, ABDear Shell,I need some information about cork flooring. I know nothing about cork floor but because of a sewer back up in our basement we...
Laminate flooring or carpet?

Question from: DanisaCalgary, ABDear Shell,Which would increase the value of our home more? I want to put laminate flooring in the entrance, living room, dining room and kitchen...
Vinyl Flooring Seams Are Lifting How Can I Fix This?

Q: I have installed new sheet vinyl flooring directly over the original vinyl flooring. The seam of the new floor was placed directly over the seam of the bottom layer. Now both seams are lifting. How can I fix this?
Transfering wood flooring to another house

Question from: BevSt. Paul, ABDear Shell,My husband and I would like to remove his grandfather's wood floor. We would like to clean it and then reinstall it into our own...
How To Prepare Surface Before Laying New Vinyl Flooring Over Old?

Q: I want to install (in a mud room) the Karndean vinyl flooring strips that look like hardwood. The existing sheet vinyl flooring is in good shape, so is it possible to lay the new vinyl floor directly over the old flooring without having to rip it out?
Installing Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Q) We have been looking into replacing the flooring in our great room, and decided on engineered hardwood flooring. We've heard several different opinions regarding how it should be installed. Can you please tell us how should engineered hardwood be installed on a concrete slab?
Vinyl Flooring - Do You Get What You Pay For?

Question from Donna in Calgary, AB *****Dear Shell,We are replacing the lino in our kitchen, and as I have been looking at different companies, and types, I am wondering what the...
Replacing flooring with plastic laminate or wood plastic laminate

Question from: LarryBrooks, ABDear Shell,We need to replace our flooring and we are considering hardwood or laminate. The area to be done would be the front entranceway, the...
Decide Between Hardwood, Engineered Wood, And Laminate Flooring

Q. We need to decide between hardwood, engineered wood, and laminate flooring for our cabin in the Okanagan. The cabin gets closed up for the winter and is not heated. Also, can we install flooring over the existing tile i.e; since it will be extremely difficult to lift? We would appreciate any suggestions.
Removing Linoleum Glue From a Concrete Floor

I have removed the old linoleum from concrete floor with a metal scrapper, it was not a fun job, and there is still a residue of what appears to be asphalt based glue left behind. I would like to know if there is something that can be used to remove this from the concrete. Failing that, is there any harm putting new flooring, rug, lino or wood over residue?
Applying wood flooring on a concrete basement floor

Can we apply a wood flooring (parquet or traditional) directly to concrete on a basement floor if we use waterproof adhesive? There is some moisture there in the spring and fall. Tips:
How Can I Level Concrete Before Installing Laminate Flooring?

Q. We have purchased laminate flooring to be installed in our family room. The problem is some of the concrete floor is not level and is slightly lower in some areas. Will this cause problems down the road if the laminate is on an uneven floor? If so, can you give me some suggestions on how we can level the floor?

Q. My house has wooden floorboards, which aren't good enough to finish off, so I'm considering laying laminate wood flooring on top. However the floorboards underneath aren't all as even as they might...

Q. My house has wooden floorboards, which aren't good enough to finish off, so I'm considering laying laminate wood flooring on top. However the floorboards underneath aren't all as even as they might...
Preparing the basement floor for parquet wood flooring

Question from: BobCalgary, ABDear Shell,I wish to put parquet wood flooring in the basement. The basement is dry and the house 35 years old. IF Delta Fl is the Best in Good,...
Hardwood Floors Are Coming Apart at the Seams Why?

Q: I have a beautiful hardwood floor in my home that was installed a few years ago. What I have noticed is in the winter months the wood boards appear to open up a bit, yet in the summer months they look nice and tight. We are aware it is important for the wood to acclimatize to the room before it's installed so we had the flooring in the home for seven days before it was installed. Have you any suggestions as to what is causing this and what can I do to stop it from happening in the future?
Shell Busey Blog - Flooring Squeaking

Shell Busey tells you what to look for when buying and installing new flooring. It's just that easy!
Laying a Laminate Floor Over an Uneven Wood Floor

Q. My house has wooden floorboards, which aren't good enough to finish off, so I'm considering laying laminate wood flooring on top. However the floorboards underneath aren't all as even as they might...
Cork Flooring for Kitchens & Bathrooms

Q) We are replacing the vinyl flooring in our kitchen and we are considering cork flooring. I have heard you mention that you do not advise installing laminate flooring in bathrooms or kitchen. Can you tell me why you don't advise it? We like the look of and feel of cork and have found lots of styles to choose from that have a dark finish that we want, but we are wondering about how well it holds up in a kitchens. We are also wondering what to look for in regards to quality.
Moisture underneath the floor

Week of July 31, 2000Question #1Question from: RodWaterloo, ONDear Shell,I installed pre-finished maple flooring in my cottage in January over an unheated...