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Shell Buseys Home Improvements And Renovations - Drywall

Shell Busey’s Home Improvements and Renovations have experienced drywaller installers in the Vancouver area who can repair holes in your interior walls or put up new sheets of drywall if needed. SBHI&R can drywall your ceiling as well, giving you a smooth or textured finish.
Shell Buseys Home Improvements And Renovations - Renovations

Shell Busey’s Home Improvements and Renovations can change the look of your lower mainland BC home both inside and out. From a complete re-design to minor changes, SBHI&R’s consultant can give you ideas and suggestions if you are stumped. Call today to receive a FREE estimate ...
Janzen Poletti Contracting Inc.

Janzen Poletti Contracting Inc. can handle all of your drywall issues. Call 604.309.6872 to book your project today!...
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Sanding Drywall Mud

Question from Sonya in Neepawa, Manitoba -----Dear Shell,We are currently renovating and have installed some new drywall. My husband thought he heard through your radio show that...
Preparing drywall for paint

We are putting up new drywall. After taping and sanding how long should we leave it before painting? How do we prepare the drywall for paint, should we use a primer or sizing? Tips:
Tile on drywall

Question from: DaveWaterloo, ONDear Shell,I want to tile the back splash area in my kitchen, which is currently just painted drywall. Do I have to remove the drywall and put...
(Video) Simple Drywall Repair

Q: Help Please! Unfortunately, someone opened a door with enough force that its knob went right through the drywall. Do we have to replace the entire sheet of drywall?
Preparing damaged drywall for painting

My wallpaper was glued directly to the drywall with no layer of paint in between. When removing the paper some of the drywall covering has stripped off as well. Is there anything I can do to still be able...
Water Damaged Drywall

Question from Pam in Sherwood Park ----- Dear Shell,Recently, we had a flood in our basement which we found when we returned home from a weeks vacation. We are not sure when the...
Repair Hole in Drywall

Q How do I repair a hole that is four-inches-by-six-inches and eight-inches-by-12-inches in the drywall of my kitchen wall?
From New drywall to Primer and Paint

Q: We are putting up new drywall and after taping and sanding how long should we leave it before painting and how do we prepare the drywall properly for the paint?
How Long Should We Wait Before Painting After New Drywall & Plaster Are Installed?

Q: We are putting up new drywall and after taping and sanding how long should we leave it before painting and how do we prepare the drywall properly for the paint?
Holes in the drywall....

Q. My towel rack and toilet paper holders have come loose from the bathroom walls after the holes in the gyproc that the holders were originally screwed into have become too big to support any screws....
Floor Soundproofing Detail

Install R-20 batt insulation flush with bottom of joist ( see 2)Install sound board, donna conna or homasote sound board (see 3)Install acoustical channel by nailing through item...

Question from: DaveVancouver, BCDear Shell,We just purchased a duplex that is approximately 7 years old. It has been well built by most accounts including the inspection service...
I have dried glue and damage on a plaster wall.

Question from: LornaDear Shell, How can I remove dried white glue from a plaster wall? It held wainscoting on - which I have removed. I have tried chisel and am gouging...
Sound-proofing Your Ceiling

Q) I'm having issues in my condo with my noisy neighbour upstairs. I've heard of a method of soundproofing walls and ceilings that uses Donna Conna. Where can I find acoustical information on Donna Conna? Also, what is the rating for insulation for impact noise for 1/2 inch Donna Conna board?
Repairing damage to drywall

Question from: DaveEdmonton, ABDear Shell,I have a cat, which has climbed the drywall to get to the window. How can I repair the damage to the paper?Thanks, Dave
Black Marks Along the Edge of My Carpet

Question from Alan in Edmonton, Alberta -----Dear Shell,We have a problem in two bedrooms. Above the garage, the carpet nail strip seems to be leaving black marks on the carpet....
Preparing a bath area for ceramic tile

Question from: JoanDear Shell,We are in the process of gutting our bathroom. We have conflicting information about the tub wall. Do we put aqua drywall from the floor to ceiling...
Soundproofing a Common Wall in Your Townhouse or Condo

Q: Recently we moved into a townhouse where one of the common walls is connecting the master bedrooms, we had no idea the walls were not sound proof enough to keep the snoring out and this has become a real problem. I must say I never thought newer buildings would be so poorly insulated on the common walls with all the products on the market today. What would be the best method of soundproofing this wall, any advice you have would be greatly appreciated, and I hope you can help us?
Shower renovations

Question from: TerryEdmonton, ABDear Shell,I'm trying to redo my basement shower. The grout on the old tile wore out and it starting leaking. I pulled out the old tile and...
Drywall To Use When Tiling Shower

Q. What type of drywall or backer board should we use when we tile a shower enclosure? We are considering using natural slate tiles and I am concerned about the moisture. What is the best way to seal and protect natural stone in areas exposed to alot of water?