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Alpha Carpet & Duct Cleaning

Alpha Carpet & Duct Cleaning has been serving your community with a commitment to excellence, and customer satisfaction. In 2005, Alpha Carpet & Duct Cleaning was started as a carpet and upholstery cleaning company. Now with thousands of satisfied clients in the Lower Mainland, from Vancouver to Abbotsford, businesses and homeowners living in houses, condos and apartments have received Alpha's professional cleaning services using one of our three different specialize...
Deodoroc Odor Removal Products by NonScents

Effective & environmentally safe way to remove odors throughout your home. Fragrance free and non-toxic, Deodoroc removes any type of organic or chemical odor from any material or area. Ideal for refrigerators, cupboards, drawers, closets, trunks, sports bags, basements, BBQ and automobiles.
Windsor Plywood

So Much More Than A Plywood Store Since 1969! Over 60 stores located across Western and Central Canada & the NorthWestern USA. Windsor Plywood specializes in hard to source interior and exterior home finishing products including flooring, doors, mouldings and wood products. They believe in responsible sourcing, providing superior quality products and exceptional customer service to both contractors and hom...
The Home Wash Company

Servicing the Lower Mainland, offering hand washing using soft brushes for the exterior of your home, roof moss removal, professional pressure washing, gutter and window cleaning. NEW FOR WINTER, SNOW REMOVAL SERVICES. ...
Fintastic Services

Fin is committed to environmentally friendly processes that restore your hard surfaces such as wood, granite, marble, concrete & tile. He also offers granite and concrete grinding & polishing, as well as tile re-grouting and resurfacing. SUPERIOR SERVICE, GUARANTEED. ...
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Keep Birds Out of Dryer Vents

Q: We have birds wanting to build a nest in our dryer vent. How can I prevent this from happening?
Clothes Dryer Maintenance & Duct Cleaning

Once a year, disconnect the moisture exhaust duct from the dryer and clean it out. It should be free of lint, dust and pet hair and should be completely round (not kinked) to ensure that products of combustion (if it is a natural gas dryer) and warm moist air are effectively exhausted to the outside.
Dryer Venting Vital to Operation

If your dryer venting is obstructed by lint and other debris, your dryer must work harder to dry your clothes due to a lack of proper volume airflow. Any restriction can cause your dryer to overheat, turn itself off prematurely or require multiple cycles in order to dry your clothes. This can double or even triple normal drying times, which can cost you more to dry your clothes, and more importantly is a fire hazard.
How Often Should Dryer Vents Be Cleaned?

Q: We have a few units in our townhouse complex that have had problems with their dryer vents leaking through the ceiling, caused by lint blocking the vent. One resident has complained that her clothes are taking a long time to dry. The distance from the dryer to the outside wall is about 4.5 metres. It seems many owners are not aware that dryer vents have to be checked regularly. How often would you suggest getting these serviced?
(Video) Dryer Vent Cleaning

Q: I have some concerns about lint in my dryer venting system. Do you have any information regarding this situation?
Shell Busey Blog - Dryer Venting

Shell Busey discusses dryer venting and why you need an aluminum vent pipe, NOT PLASTIC. The shorter the run on your vent the better as well. If your clothes are taking longer to dry, it probably isn't an issue with your dryer, it's most likely the venting.
Clothes Dryer Takes Too Long!

Question from John ----- Dear Shell,Four months ago I moved to a rental-condo unit. After a few weeks, I noticed that I had to use the dryer at least twice each time to get the...
Duct cleaning for Healthier Fresher Air

Most home owners are well aware that heating and cooling system should be inspected annually. This is best done before the fall or winter rush. But making sure the furnace is up to snuff is not all one should do. Getting your home's air ducts cleaned is also a crucial step in ensuring that your family is living in a healthy, fresh air indoor environment.
Rock Wool a Good Way To Soundproof Laundry Closet

Q) I am turning an upstairs closet into a laundry closet for a stacking washer/dryer. Do you have any ideas for the floor and/or insulating the closet to reduce vibrations and noise?
Install a Bathroom Fan

Question from Debbie in Winnipeg,Manitoba -----Shell,I am going to renovate the bathroom in my 50 year old home. I would like to install a bathroom fan. The roof has a 1 1/2' overhang....
How often should we clean our heating ducts?

Q: I have been getting conflicting stories from family & friends and would like to know if it really is necessary to have my heating ducts cleaned after extensive renovations? Also how often should one have them cleaned?
Removing grease from wood

Question from: NinoPrince George, BCDear Shell,I have a question that does not deal with the "house" but is equally as important. I have a 1927 Chevy that has a maple wooden...
Quieting a noisy toilet vent pipe

Question from: KarenKitchener, ONDear Shell,The toilet vent pipe in my mother's 60 year old home howls whenever we flush. We can hear it outside, also as the pipe goes up... Podcast - Episode 27 Podcast is a new version of the Home Discovery Radio Show Shell used to do every weekend across Western Canada. In the Podcast, Shell answers YOUR emails, has interviews with guests in the Home Improvement industry and features hard to find, but use-able products.
Drainage problems

Question from: NasirBurnaby, BCDear Shell,When the toilet is flushed air comes out of the bathtub and shower drainage, leaving a constant bad smell in the bathroom. What can...
Where Are The Little Black Flies Coming From?

Q. We moved into our house two years ago and we have had an ongoing problem with little black flies in the window sills. I am wondering if the builder could have neglected to seal something in the attic or if you have any idea what I can do.
Is There Mold in Your Home?

Along with pollens from trees, grasses, and weeds, molds are a leading cause of seasonal allergic rhinitis. In warm regions, molds may be present year round. In colder areas, the mold season generally runs from early spring well into the fall, typically peaking during July and August. While most molds, like pollens, are killed by the first major frost, others may persist during the winter months even in cold regions.
Bad Smell from Broken Water Pipe

Question from John -----Dear Shell,I had a water pipe blow and we had a small lake in the crawl space. The pipe is fixed and the water is gone but the smell is still there.
Remove MacTac From Cupboards

Q: We have just moved into a home that is several years old. Unfortunately, I discovered that previous owners used MacTac-type material to line the bottom of the cupboards. It appears to be adhered directly on to unpainted plywood. Do you have any helpful hints to help get this off, as I really do not like it?
Checklist For Winterizing Your Home

Clean and cover or store the barbecue and outdoor furniture. Check under the deck for rot and make necessary repairs.