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Drainrock Industries

Drainrock Industries is your trusted family owned and operated company that specializes in doing the job RIGHT the first time. Their team can correctly diagnose and repair problem areas such as: flooded homes/basements and crawlspaces, cracked foundations, soggy or wet back yards, settled concrete and water intrusion. They assess the problem area and give a retailed analysis on the root of the problem with the aid of a video inspection camera and hydro f...
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Shell Busey Blog - Drainage

Shell Busey talks about drainage and why you might be noticing some water forming in your basement this time of year.
Preventing Roots in Perimeter Drains

Q) Do you recommend a specific product we can use to prevent root growth in our drainage system? We've heard of a product called RootX, which is used by a few plumbing contractors locally. Do you have any comments or ideas regarding this product?
Drainage problems

Question from: NasirBurnaby, BCDear Shell,When the toilet is flushed air comes out of the bathtub and shower drainage, leaving a constant bad smell in the bathroom. What can...
Foundation Drainage Explained - Shell Busey's Home Services

Shell Busey speaks with Bob Wilde from DrainRock Industries (Formerly Avante) about how they check the perimeter drainage around your home.
Avante Contracting: Featured Member January 2009

This past December and even into January, Greater Vancouver has seen a tremendous amount of snowfall, and within the last 3 days, rain has washed a majority of that snow away; but where does all the water go?
Ask Shell's Tip Of The Day - Driveway Drainage

Shell Busey's shows you how to install drainage next to your driveway to prevent water pooling or water backing up under your driveway, freezing in the winter, and causing cracks.
Water on our Deck and Burping Toilets

Question from Gordon from Delta, B.C. -----We have a deck off the master bedroom over the carport. We have duck walk boarding on the deck. The problem is that the deck is not sloped properly;...
Know What Your Home Sits On

To understand your house as a system, you must begin with the land your home sits on and how it is structured. Is it on a full basement, crawl space or slab on grade and what do each of these terms mean? Does your home sit on a sloping piece of property and if so what can you expect in the future: surface water, roof water, groundwater?
Fix SIdewalk Sinking Towards House

Q: On the east side of our house the sidewalk is right up to basement wall and water runs to the house. On the inside it is coming through on a rusted tie. Is there a product that would seal from the inside?
(Video) Maintaining Your Home Drainage System

The best way to keep moisture out of your home is to have a working drainage system. Weeping or drain tile is a perforated plastic or PVC pipe that surrounds the foundation of a home.
Slabjacking Concrete Sidewalk

Q. On the east side of the house the sidewalk is right up to basement wall and water runs to the house. On the inside it is coming through on a rusted tie, is there a product that would seal from the inside?
Drainage Systems: The Feet of Your Home

Have you ever wondered, how does my drainage system work?
Proper Drainage & Waterproof Membrane For New Concrete Foundation

Q. We are building a house in a low lying area which is sitting on 22 feet of sand before it hits the clay. I intend to slope the ground away from the foundation and I am wondering if it is necessary to put in weeping tile. We have a 4 foot crawl space.
Placing vapour barrier in the crawl space

Question from: WendyVictoria, BCDear Shell,We have purchased a 1940's bungalow with a crawl space. The house inspector advised us to place heavy plastic over the crawl space...
Can We Add More Concrete

Q. Our sidewalk is leaning toward the house, and water is leaking into our basement. Can we add more concrete to the cement to slope the water away from our home or should we have it lifted.
What Should I do to Make Sure Large Tree by my House is Safe?

Q: I have a large tree on my property that hangs over the side of my home that I have always worried about, but would hate to see it go. How can I find out if it is a concern?
Sinking Patio Stones

Q. I have several patio stones in my backyard, some of them have started to sink. How can I repair them to be level again with the other stones?
Ground Water In Dirt Crawlspace

Q: Hello Shell, it’s so nice to hear you back on the radio again with all the answers to our home concerns. We’ve lived in Ladner for years and have had a problem for many years now, but what really concerns us is it doesn’t happen every year. Our problem is in our crawl space which is dirt (no concrete) and sometimes there is water pooling in different areas.
Tips for Flood Prevention

Q: After our long hot summer season we are concerned that we may get a lot of heavy rain. We have had flooding issues in the past and would like some preventative tips before the winter season.
Ask Shell's Tip Of The Day - How To Screw Through Carpet

Shell Busey's Tip Of The DayEach weekday Shell will be adding a new Tip Of The Day. It's just that easy!