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Shell Buseys Home Improvements And Renovations - Renovations

Shell Busey’s Home Improvements and Renovations can change the look of your lower mainland BC home both inside and out. From a complete re-design to minor changes, SBHI&R’s consultant can give you ideas and suggestions if you are stumped. Call today to receive a FREE estimate ...
Casp Enterprises Ltd. Garage Doors & Openers

Serving Greater Vancouver, after 20 years in the industry, CASP Enterprises supplies and installs all types of overhead garage doors, gates and door openers. Contact Casp for Garage Door Repair, Opener Repair, Carport Conversion and New Garage Doors & Openers. Complete service department for all makes. ...
Weiser Lock (a Black & Decker Company)

It has been 50 years since Weiser Lock was first sold in Canada. Quality and security are a part of every Weiser door hardware product. Door handles, knobs, leversets, locks and deadbolts in a variety of decorative styles and finishes to match your homes decor. And now available SmartKey by WeiserLock. ...
Windsor Plywood

So Much More Than A Plywood Store Since 1969! Over 60 stores located across Western and Central Canada & the NorthWestern USA. Windsor Plywood specializes in hard to source interior and exterior home finishing products including flooring, doors, mouldings and wood products. They believe in responsible sourcing, providing superior quality products and exceptional customer service to both contractors and hom...
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Should we use prehung doors?

Question from: Caldwell in Delta, BC -----Dear Shell,What should we consider in deciding whether to get pre-hung interior doors or non pre-hung doors (what are those called?)? We...
Painting Exterior Doors

Question from Leona in Stonewall, Manitoba -----Dear Shell,We just moved into a house that is 5 years old. The front door and the garden doors are steel with a wood core. They are...
Changing Doors of Varying Dimensions

Q: I have four bedroom doors of varying dimensions that have been in poor repair for years. I would like to have replaced them long ago but haven't found any doors to fit. I'm a little leery of the high costs associated with having doors custom made. Is there a way to either patch or refinish these doors or can I have them replaced at a reasonable cost.
Restoring 20-Year-Old Doors

Q:A problem that many of us with 20 something year old homes have been unable to solve is marks on our doors (inside doors like bedroom or bathroom. These doors are made of something other than wood not sure if it is compressed paper but you probably know Sterling Home doors from the 80's. I see little marks (perhaps from hairsprays and grease marks) in the middle of the doors not around the handles. I have tried Mr. Clean, Cabinet Magic, Windex, soap and water, and the doors get clean but the l
Adding a colonial touch to your existing doors

Dark wood finish interior doors don't hold a candle compared to the new styled panel doors such as colonial and heritage doors. Would you like to update your doors?You can achieve...
Shell Busey Blog - How To Create Colonial Door With Moulding

Dark wood finish interior doors don't hold a candle compared to the new styled panel doors such as colonial and heritage doors. Would you like to update your doors? You can achieve a colonial or heritage door appearance by adding a crown moulding to the face of the door with small finishing nails or contact cement.
Ask Shell's Tip Of The Day - Soundproof Doors

Shell Busey discusses soundproof doors.Soundproof doors are great for bathrooms, bedrooms, even theater rooms in your home.
Ask Shell's Tip Of The Day - How To Create Heritage Doors

Dark wood finish interior doors don't hold a candle compared to the new styled panel doors such as colonial and heritage doors. Would you like to update your doors?
Preparing and painting your metal exterior doors

Are you thinking about painting your metal exterior doors? You'll need to know how to prepare the doors and what type of paint to use? By the way, most metal doors (even if they look like they're painted)...
Lifting vinyl covering on cupboard doors

Q) We have a problem in our 7 year old home. The vinyl covering is lifting off our cupboard doors. Not on the side, but in the middle. We checked with a local building supply shop and they didn't have any suggestions. We thought that we might be able to force some glue in with a needle to get the vinyl covering to stick to the cupboard doors. What do you think?
Changing Back to a Wood Burning Fireplace

Question from Mel in Delta B.C. -----Hi Shell, We had a gas log (sand pan) installed several years ago, (before inserts were readily available) along with a custom-made solid brass...
Refreshing Your Interior Doors

Q: My husband and I have purchased a 48-year-old house as our first home. It is a nice rancher, but we would like to update the interior doors. They are clear finish mahogany. What can we do to dress them up to a more modern look?
Shade Your Sunny French Doors

Q: We have a large picture window and French doors off our family room that face south. We just moved into the home last spring and the heat in the summer is unbearable in this area of our house. Do you have any suggestions that can help cool down this space? We would like to avoid curtains as we do not want to lose our view. We would also like to find a screen that will fit on the French doors.

Weather stripping is most commonly installed around walk-in doors and windows but there is an area often overlooked that causes a major impact on the home.Garage Weatherproofing
Ask Shell's Tip Of The Day - Window Security Film

Shell Busey talks about the need to secure your windows that are in, or close to doors.
Shell Busey Blog - How To Clean Fireplace Doors

One of the best products to clean glass fireplace doors is Turtle Wax (liquid), yes the same as you use on your car. Apply with a denim cloth and buff with a soft clean cloth. Most fireplace shops stock a glass cleaner but most people also have Turtle wax in the garage.
Exterior Door Installation

Installing a new exterior door will require you to make a number of decisions.1. Solid core plywood faced door? Will require a lot of maintenance staining, sealing, and painting.
Securing your home

Shell Busey:Tips for making your home more secure.
Giving Fresh Style To Kitchen Cabinets

Q: We would like to update our 1980s-look white laminate kitchen cabinets with oak pulls and trim. I have heard of cabinet re-facing; it sounds like it could save us some money since our cupboards are in good shape, just dated. Would this work for our cabinet doors?
Insulating Your Old Drafty Metal Garage Door and Garage Heating Option

Q: I use my garage as a workshop but I'm finding that the metal garage door gets so cold that it's uncomfortable to work for any length of time during the winter. Can you suggest what I can do to keep the cold out and warmth in?