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Avante Concrete

Our concrete specialists offer both residential and commercial property services, including: Placing and Finishing, Forming and Grading, Exposed Aggregate, Stamped Concrete, Retaining Walls, Concrete Staining, Concrete Sealing, Patios, Foundations, Tilt-Up Construction and Slabjacking.
Innovative Manufacturing

Innovative Manufacturing has been manufacturing industrial coatings in B.C. since 1948. The company has grown to include the following product lines: Asphalt Pavement Maintenance, Concrete Specialties, Waterproofing/Roofing, Wood Finishing, Tile Membranes and Sealers, Marine Coatings and Tapes....
Deckote - Consolidated Coatings Corp.

Deckote, a water based elastomeric coating engineered for horizontal surfaces. This coating can be used on sundecks, porches, patios, roof decks, stairs, landings, boat decks, tennis courts, railings, basement floors and walkways. Manufactured by Consolidated Coatings....
Duraseal Protection

We specialize in cleaning and sealing stamped concrete, paving stones, exposed aggregate concrete and interlocking bricks, etc. All work comes with a one-year guarantee. Call today for a free, no-hassle estimate....
Fintastic Services

Fin is committed to environmentally friendly processes that restore your hard surfaces such as wood, granite, marble, concrete & tile. He also offers granite and concrete grinding & polishing, as well as tile re-grouting and resurfacing. SUPERIOR SERVICE, GUARANTEED. ...
Dunbar Masonry & Construction Ltd.

Dunbar Masonry is a family owned and operated company that has been serving Vancouver since 1955. They specialize in quality new construction, heritage restoration, and masonry repair and maintenance. Dunbar Masonry and Construction Ltd. contractors and employees are certified bricklayers and masons, which have been trained by master masons. They are members of the Canadian Masonry Contractors Association and the Masonry Institute of British Columbia. ...
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Ask Shell's Tip Of The Day - How To Repair Concrete Spalling

Shell Busey shows you how to repair concrete spalling.Spalling concrete is concrete that has chipped, flaked, broken off or has dents in it... This is usually the result of poor installation and poor mix of the concrete, causing it to become weak and possibly damaged.
Cleaning the concrete around a pool

Question from: MaureenLangley, BCDear Shell,We have an outdoor in-ground pool that was here when we bought our house. The outside area around the pool is concrete. It has...
Sealing a concrete floor

Question from: BeaStandard, ABDear Shell,We have just poured a concrete slab for our new house and we are not going to be covering the concrete floor. What is the best sealer...
(Video) How To Repair Concrete Spalling

Spalling concrete is concrete that has chipped, flaked, broken off or has dents in it... This is usually the result of poor installation and poor mix of the concrete, causing it to become weak and possibly damaged.
ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) For Foundation

Q: I am building a new home and the builder has suggested using insulated concrete forms for the foundation. What do you think of this?
Protecting your concrete patio from frost damage

Did your concrete patio heave from frost forming underneath, this past winter? The following information will remedy this problem before next winter. Concrete slabs poured for patios, sidewalks...
Repairing chipped concete on your garage floor

Question from: G PageWinnipeg, MBDear Shell,All along the bottom of my two car garage door, the concrete has chipped away showing some of the rock that makes up the concrete....
Oil and Rust Stains on Concrete

Q: We have rust stains on our concrete driveway from someone recently draining their car radiator. What would be the best way of removing the stain? We have tried CLR without success.
Ask Shell's Tip Of The Day - Stamped Concrete

Shell Busey shows you how professionals stamp concrete.Stamped concrete can give your driveway or sidewalk a different look than regular concrete. Instead of a regular driveway or sidewalk, next time looking into having it stamped!
Removing subfloor and preparing to lay new flooring

Question from: AnnCoquitlam, BCDear Shell,Help !! I have a subfloor that was incorrectly installed on a large ground-level family room. Half the floor has K2 board glued (hard...
Power washing a condo complex

Question from: Lynda in Coquitlam, BC -----Dear Shell, I live in a strata-titled high-rise concrete condominium, which is scheduled to be power washed on its exterior. This will...
Happy Avante Concrete Customer

Here is a note from a happy Shell Busey's Home Service Referal Network customer: I just emailed this to the Avante team: Thank you to the Avante Concrete team! We now have a new concrete patio and two sets of stairs and they look wonderful.
Can We Add More Concrete

Q. Our sidewalk is leaning toward the house, and water is leaking into our basement. Can we add more concrete to the cement to slope the water away from our home or should we have it lifted.
Ask Shell's Tip Of The Day - Basement Moisture Test

Do you have a musty odour in your basement, you may have water wicking up through your concrete floor. In this video, Shell shows you how you can find out if you have this issue.
How Long Should I Allow Concrete to Cure Before Sealing It?

Q. We will be moving into a newly built home with an unfinished basement. I would like to seal the concrete floors in the basement and the garage before we move in. How long should I allow the concrete to cure before applying a sealer? What is the best product to use for both the floors?
Update a Concrete Patio With DIY railings and a Concrete Coating

Q. We are in the process of putting an aluminum roof above of our patio. We would like to install new railings around the patio with glass in between so we can have a view but shelter us from the wind. Can you tell us where we can purchase the materials for our railings.
Solving those slippery front step tiles

We have ceramic tile on our front steps that get very slippery when wet. Is there something we can put on them to solve this problem? Ceramic tile or concrete steps because of their surface...
Painting Concrete Flooring

I would like to paint my unpainted concrete basement floor so that it is attractive but I don't want to just use the grey concrete paint that I see available. Do you have a suggestion as to what type of paint I can use so that I won't have to repaint every couple of years?
Finishing Concrete Patio

Q: I would like finish my concrete patio with a TechStone Granite product. What can I use to fix up some of the damaged and flaking areas of the concrete to prepare the surface before applying the tech stone granite?
What underlay should I use over concrete?

Question from: D. Johns from Ontario Dear Shell,I would like to replace the carpet and underlay in my basement. The floor is concrete and is dry. The carpet and underlay are to...