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Wash Safe Canada

The Wash Safe product line provides home and business owners a safe alternative to the toxic cleaning products that dominate the cleaning market. Wash Safe products are highly effective cleaners but gentle on the environment, providing pleasant citrus scents not obnoxious chemical odors and will not harm people, plants or pets. Their products include a Roof Wash, Deck Wash, Composite Deck Wash, Cedar Wash, RV Wash, Mold & Mildew Wash and Rust Off.
Deodoroc Odor Removal Products by NonScents

Effective & environmentally safe way to remove odors throughout your home. Fragrance free and non-toxic, Deodoroc removes any type of organic or chemical odor from any material or area. Ideal for refrigerators, cupboards, drawers, closets, trunks, sports bags, basements, BBQ and automobiles.
Windsor Plywood

So Much More Than A Plywood Store Since 1969! Over 60 stores located across Western and Central Canada & the NorthWestern USA. Windsor Plywood specializes in hard to source interior and exterior home finishing products including flooring, doors, mouldings and wood products. They believe in responsible sourcing, providing superior quality products and exceptional customer service to both contractors and hom...
MAC Roofing - Flat Roofing

Tar & gravel to torch-on conversion specialist for flat roofs... *Government Certified *Over 20 Years Experience *Insured * Fully Licensed *WCB Coverage *Maintenance and Repairs *No jobs too small or too big! Make sure to ask about their custom decks.
Innovative Manufacturing

Innovative Manufacturing has been manufacturing industrial coatings in B.C. since 1948. The company has grown to include the following product lines: Asphalt Pavement Maintenance, Concrete Specialties, Waterproofing/Roofing, Wood Finishing, Tile Membranes and Sealers, Marine Coatings and Tapes....
Alpha Carpet & Duct Cleaning

Alpha Carpet & Duct Cleaning has been serving your community with a commitment to excellence, and customer satisfaction. In 2005, Alpha Carpet & Duct Cleaning was started as a carpet and upholstery cleaning company. Now with thousands of satisfied clients in the Lower Mainland, from Vancouver to Abbotsford, businesses and homeowners living in houses, condos and apartments have received Alpha's professional cleaning services using one of our three different specialize...
Serpentine Cedar Roofing Ltd.

Serpentine Cedar have experienced crews that can look after all of your Cedar Shake roofing needs from start to finish. We can install a new cedar roof or repair your existing one. We guarantee the best quality of cedar shakes from old growth Western Red Cedar produced at our own cedar shake mill....
The Home Wash Company

Servicing the Lower Mainland, offering hand washing using soft brushes for the exterior of your home, roof moss removal, professional pressure washing, gutter and window cleaning. NEW FOR WINTER, SNOW REMOVAL SERVICES. ...
Tristar Roofing & Gutters

Lifetime Metal Roofing Systems. Metal shingles, slate, shake and tile. They manufacture Snaplock roofing panels, ideal for low slope tar & gravel conversions to metal. Fast, clean, professional service since 1980. They can also clean the moss off your roof! Visit their gallery at
Kalsi Aluminum Products Manufacturing Ltd

In Greater Vancouver, Kalsi Aluminum Products specializes in custom aluminum products; Awnings & Canopies, Railings, Deck Enclosures, Solariums, Sunrooms & Automated Gates. Kalsi now builds interior water walls as well, call them today to ask about this new feature.
Fintastic Services

Fin is committed to environmentally friendly processes that restore your hard surfaces such as wood, granite, marble, concrete & tile. He also offers granite and concrete grinding & polishing, as well as tile re-grouting and resurfacing. SUPERIOR SERVICE, GUARANTEED. ...
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Cleaning old enameled and porcelain tubs

Question from: IrvinPort Alberni, BCDear Shell,We have a 20-year-old blue porcelain tub which has light brown stains and soap stains giving tub a mottled look. We have tried...
Cleaning, Sealing & Preserving A Deck

I have recently has installed a 16 x 25 foot sun deck at the rear of my house. The deck in constructed with 1 x 6 pressure treated radius lumber. With so many products on the market what is your recommendation for cleaning, sealing and preserving the decking? I want to keep this low maintenance and not an annual make work project. I would also like to keep the natural look of the wood. Secondly what can I use to get the same light green colouring effect on the cut ends of the decking?
Countertops Sealed Properly

Q. We moved into a home with granite countertops that we really like but we are not sure if the previous owners have ever sealed them properly. What maintenance is required for granite and is there something that we can use to restore the shine.
Skylight Glazing

Skylight glazing should be as thermally resistant as possible. Heat loss in winter and gain in summer is greater than that of vertical windows. Consider light reflective low-E glass to reduce overheating...
Cleaning and painting brick work

Question from: HeleneLomond, ABDear Shell,We have re-sided and re-shingled our home and now the color of the brick planter and the brick fireplace chimney don't go with the...
Protect your floors by keeping carpets clean

Flooring is a major investment in your home, so you need to make sure that you maintain it properly. Cleaning your carpets on regular basis can help prolong the life of your carpet. Carpets act as a "filter" in your home, so you can imagine that if you do not keep your carpets clean it can create an unhealthy environment in your home.
Water damage to cedar soffits

Q) My wife and I recently moved into a 15 year old rancher style house that has cedar T & G soffits that have been clear coated with an unknown product. In a couple of corners I've noticed some water damage on the cedar and in one location the existing finish has blushed as if an interior product was used for outside work. Is there anything that can be done to get rid of the water damage on the cedar and what can be applied to give the cedar soffits to give it good protection and a good look?
Driveway Sealing

Question from Doug in Prince George, BC -----Dear Shell,I work for a yard maintenance company and I get numerous inquiries about driveway sealing - which we do not do. After referring...
Protect Your Patio Furniture

Winter Wind, rain and cold weather will damage even the most durable furniture over time. The best way to care for outdoor furniture during the cold months is to store pieces in the basement, garage or shed. If that's not an option there are a variety of outdoor furniture covers available for tables, umbrella and stacking chairs.
Spotted and Stained Windows

The outside glass in the windows in our 5 yr old home on Nelson's North Shore are spotted and stained with something that does not come clean with Windex, Ammonia, or any other household cleaner that I have tried so far. Spring and sunny days make them look TERRIBLE. Can you help?
Cleaning glass fireplace doors

Question from: DonAbbotsford, BCDear Shell,I have a gas fireplace. Every year the glass gets a buildup on the flame side. It looks like ash but is extremely difficult to remove....
Remove Sticky Lacquer Finish From Cupboards

Q: Our kitchen cabinets are about 19 years old and they feel very sticky and if you run your fingernail across them in places you get a build up of what seems to be the lacquer finish that they were originally finished with. We have tried over the years to keep them clean, with our spring and fall house cleaning, and the cabinets are otherwise in very good shape.
Controlling Moss on Your Home

Spring has sprung, and for many homeowners the sunnier, longer days make the perfect recipe for outdoor spring cleaning and maintenance projects. Typically in areas with mild climates, many have concerns with moss building up on exterior surfaces such as decks, stucco, concrete, siding and rooftops. Some people view moss as unsightly and others have concerns that the prolonged wetness will decay their roof resulting in water leaks and premature aging of their shingles. The challenge facing homeo
Cleaning and painting your concrete floor

Question from: LesCalgary, ABDear Shell,I would like to know what kind of product I could use to paint/seal the concrete floor in my garage. The garage is about 25 years old...
Controlling Moss on Your Home

Spring has sprung and for homeowners, the sunnier and longer days make the perfect recipe for outdoor spring cleaning and maintenance projects. For many homeowners typically in milder climates, the concern is moss building up on exterior surfaces such as decks, siding and rooftops. Some people view moss as unsightly and others are concerned the prolonged wet surface will decay shingles resulting in water leaks and premature replacement of the roof.
Kitchen Stoves - Saving Energy

Self cleaning ovens can provide energy savings of up to 15% over a standard oven thanks to the additional insulation used in the construction of the stove.
(Video) How To Repair RV Roof

Q. I have a question for you regarding a rubber coating for roofs of campers. We have a older camper and the roof has a few leaks in it. Two of the leaks are around the roof vents and another that I believe could be from a pin hole around the screws. I have heard there is some kind of rubber coating product, do you know anything about this and where I can get it?
Building a deck

For wood decks, choose products that will stand the test of time: Use pressure treated lumber for the floor joist andother support structure.The decking and trim boards can...
Rubber Coating For Campers and RV Roof To Repair Hairline Cracks

Q. I have a question for you regarding a rubber coating for roofs of campers. We have a older camper and the roof has a few leaks in it. Two of the leaks are around the roof vents and another that I believe could be from a pin hole around the screws. I have heard there is some kind of rubber coating product, do you know anything about this and where I can get it?
Correcting deteriorating and eroding mortar from a brick house

Question from: KenWinnipeg, MBDear Shell,I have a 150 year old brick house in which the mortar is starting to deteriorate primarily on the south side. Do you know of any products...