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Almega Resurfacing Inc.

Some of their low cost alternatives include resurfacing bathtubs, resurfacing countertops and refacing cabinets. They will make your kitchen and bathroom look like new without discarding existing fixtures. Your one stop shop to updating your kitchen and bathroom. ...
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Adding To Existing Kitchen Cabinets

Q. We purchased a Do-It-Yourself Pantry Cabinet that matches our kitchen cabinets, but when my husband tried to install it next to our existing cabinets it won't sit tight to our cabinets because the laminate countertop overhangs the bottom cabinet by 1/2". Should he cut the 1/2" off, if so how? Or do we have to replace the countertop? Hopefully, not the latter?
Renew Wood Trimmed Kitchen Cabinets

Q: I have heard that there is a product which will brighten/bring back to life/remove grime from the surface of wood trimmed kitchen cabinets. Would you please provide the name of the product?
Restoring Solution for Kitchen Cabinets

Q) Our realtor has said the appearance of our 25 year old kitchen cabinets will affect our asking price. His comment was that a buyer will judge the rest of the house by how the cabinets have been maintained. The cabinets do look well worn but are still very solid. It's a big kitchen, well layed out, and it would be a shame to toss out such good oak doors. And we're not sure we'll get our investment back if we gut it all and put new cabinets into a 25 year old home. We've tried a few products o
Remove Sticky Lacquer Finish From Cupboards

Q: Our kitchen cabinets are about 19 years old and they feel very sticky and if you run your fingernail across them in places you get a build up of what seems to be the lacquer finish that they were originally finished with. We have tried over the years to keep them clean, with our spring and fall house cleaning, and the cabinets are otherwise in very good shape.
Refinishing oak cabinets

Question from: LawonaSt. Albert, ABDear Shell,The cabinets throughout our nine-year old home are box frame with oak frame/veneer doors currently stained bleached oak. The...
Cleaning Cherry Wood Cabinets

How do we clean cherry wood cabinets? They have a thin coat of lacquer. They have had very little cleaning. They are about 20 years old. What do we do after they are cleaned? Oil them?
Painting the kitchen cupboards

Question from: DoreenEdmonton, ABDear Shell,I am planning on painting my kitchen cupboards. They are in great shape but I want to change the color (white). Please let me know...
Updating Oak Cabinets

Q. We want to update our oak cabinets in our kitchen by painting them white. I would appreciate any tips that would make the finish as durable as possible.
How Do We Refresh Old Oak Trim?

Question from Colleen in Naniamo, B.C. -----Hi Shell,Thanks for all your help for us home-improvers. A simple question, but we are stumped for the answer. In our kitchen, we have...
Refinishing Oak Cupboards

I am inquiring about refinishing our existing oak cupboards. I believe that the dark stain is of a varathane product and would like to know the best way to clean and refinish the cupboards. These cupboards are in very good shape and are worth the effort.
Get Organized

FYI: Your garage is not a storage locker. It's not a dump, a home for broken equipment or a place for excusable messes. A garage is a place to park your car. It's a place to store sporting equipment, lawn and snow equipment and possibly your tools.
New Life to Aging Oak Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are a focal point of a kitchen that will age a home if worn or dated so rejuvenating wood cabinets will make a big impact with little cost. To refresh older oak cabinets, one product that we often recommend is BriWax.
Re-facing Existing Cabinets Rather Than Changing Them All Together

Q: We want to update our 80's - white laminate kitchen cabinets with oak pulls and trim. I have heard about cabinet re-facing and it sounds like it could save us some money since our cupboards are in good shape but just dated. Could you tell me whether this would work for my cabinet doors?
Giving Fresh Style To Kitchen Cabinets

Q: We would like to update our 1980s-look white laminate kitchen cabinets with oak pulls and trim. I have heard of cabinet re-facing; it sounds like it could save us some money since our cupboards are in good shape, just dated. Would this work for our cabinet doors?
Minor Renovations Can Make a Major Impression on Holiday Visitors

The holidays are fast approaching and if you're expecting a houseful of people for Christmas, there is still time to fit in a project to spruce up your home for entertaining family and friends.
Shell Busey Blog - Merit Kitchens

Shell Busey's Home Improvements & Renovations can renovate the interior AND/OR exterior of your home. They use quality products like Merit Kitchens Ltd cabinets and drawers.
Monica B's Painted Hand Studio Breaks Into New Market

Monica B's Painted Hand Studio breaks into a new market, Painting kitchen cabinets. Home Owners, let Monica do your creative work for you!
Getting Organized

A New Year is upon us and there’s no better time to get organized and get rid of stuff that’s no longer needed and taking up precious space. Here are a couple of suggestions that can help with the de-cluttering challenge.
Repairing and refinishing kitchen cupboards

Question from: SharonCoquitlam, BCDear Shell,I have a 17-year-old home that has kitchen cupboards that have been painted white. They initially looked great but they have recently...
Lifting vinyl covering on cupboard doors

Q) We have a problem in our 7 year old home. The vinyl covering is lifting off our cupboard doors. Not on the side, but in the middle. We checked with a local building supply shop and they didn't have any suggestions. We thought that we might be able to force some glue in with a needle to get the vinyl covering to stick to the cupboard doors. What do you think?