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Dunbar Masonry & Construction Ltd.

Dunbar Masonry is a family owned and operated company that has been serving Vancouver since 1955. They specialize in quality new construction, heritage restoration, and masonry repair and maintenance. Dunbar Masonry and Construction Ltd. contractors and employees are certified bricklayers and masons, which have been trained by master masons. They are members of the Canadian Masonry Contractors Association and the Masonry Institute of British Columbia. ...
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Is it possible to "Stain" brick?

Dear Shell,Is it possible to "Stain" brick? Our fireplace has "orange" toned brick and I would like to have a more "tan/brown" tone without painting it.Thanks,Gord...
Preparing fireplace brick for painting

Question from: MavisEdmonton, ABDear Shell,I would like to paint the interior brickwork around our fireplace. The brick is a yellowish colour but has discoloured over time....
Painting Brick Siding

Q.Is it possible to Stain or Paint exterior brick siding? Our siding has "beige" toned brick and I would like to have a darker tone.
Cleaning and painting brick work

Question from: HeleneLomond, ABDear Shell,We have re-sided and re-shingled our home and now the color of the brick planter and the brick fireplace chimney don't go with the...
(Video) Painting A Brick Fireplace

Clay fireplace bricks can be stained using wood semi-transparent if you wish to change the colour. I strongly recommend however, that you do a test brick before you tackle the whole fireplace. Stain a sample brick first to see if you achieved the desired look. If the existing brick is glazed, you will not be successful with a stain and in this case, applying an acrylic latex exterior paint would have to be your choice.
Removing paint from fireplace bricks

Question from: BarbN. Vancouver, BCDear Shell,In the house we are now living in, the previous owners painted the fireplace bricks in the living room pink (!) and also replaced...
Weeping Fireplace with Mushrooms!!!!

Question from: Brian in Maple Ridge, BC -----Dear Shell,Our home is 17 years old. We have weepage through our brick fireplace. At one time our living room carpet was getting quite...
Correcting deteriorating and eroding mortar from a brick house

Question from: KenWinnipeg, MBDear Shell,I have a 150 year old brick house in which the mortar is starting to deteriorate primarily on the south side. Do you know of any products...
Pink Fireplace - Yuck!

Question from June in Heffley Creek, B.C. -----Hi Shell,I have a fireplace that is painted two shades of pink. Yuck! (The previous owner's choice). I have no idea what type of...
Removing Graffiti From Concrete, Brick and Steel Doors

How can we remove graffiti from concrete, brick and steel doors on the outside of a building?
How Can I Clean Soot Off Brick Fireplace & What Paint Should I Use?

(Video) Q: Shell, I want to update the look of my brick faced fireplace and would like to know what preparation is required, in the way of cleaning the soot off the bricks the type of paint that is best for this application. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
(Video) Painting A Brick Fireplace

We would like to paint a rock fireplace? How would we prepare the surface and what type of paint should be used? It is a wood burning fireplace.
Water Weeping Through Brick Fascia Above Fireplaces

What I am looking for is a referral for some one who would be willing to travel over to Gibsons to give me some advice/help. The problem I have is water weeping through brick fascia above two fireplaces, one in the upstairs bedroom & the other in the living room downstairs. Two years ago I had a new steel roof installed by a company from Victoria but they are reluctant to send someone over to examine the problem & want me to find someone over here to fix it & then send them the invoice. Being in
Chimney Repointing

Chimneys are being converting to metal insulated type of chimneys rather than the old flue-liner type with solid brick /block chimney chases. The reason for this change is the devices being used in the chimneys are also changing.
Step Up Your Plans To Create a Superior Patio Surface

Stone makes a terrific patio or walkway, with a natural striking appearance that blends well with all types of landscaping. Make sure to use a hard and flat stone material, which is suitable for walkways and patios.
Servicing the chimney/furnace replacement

Question from: MargotVancouver, BCDear Shell,Our furnace was replaced 16 years ago and when they came out for the recent servicing they found a crack in the heat exchanger...
Ask Shell's Tip Of The Day - How To Paint A Stone Fireplace

Shell Busey shows you how to paint a stone fireplace.
Solving those slippery front step tiles

We have ceramic tile on our front steps that get very slippery when wet. Is there something we can put on them to solve this problem? Ceramic tile or concrete steps because of their surface...
Cleaning glass fireplace doors

Question from: DonAbbotsford, BCDear Shell,I have a gas fireplace. Every year the glass gets a buildup on the flame side. It looks like ash but is extremely difficult to remove....
Cleaning Efflorescence From Paving Stones

Q: We have a backyard rectangular shaped brick (paving stones) deck. Quite a large number of the bricks (which are grey) have white on them that we cannotremove. I was hoping there was something that we could use to wash them and remove this unsightly problem.