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Trail Appliances

When you walk into a Trail Appliances showroom, you're met with more than just a warm, friendly smile - you're met with exactly what you came in for - and that's the biggest selection of quality brand name appliances in the country. Over 40 brands of appliances are represented - the best from North America, the best from Europe, the best from Asia. Take time to visit a Trail showroom. It's a good way to visualize how an appliance will look in ...
Shell Buseys Home Improvements And Renovations - Decks

Shell Busey’s Home Improvements and Renovations can repair or replace your deck anywhere in the greater Vancouver area. From wood to vinyl to composite, a SBHI&R consultant can happily give you an estimate for either repair or replacement. Long term moisture exposure can cause ...
Deckote - Consolidated Coatings Corp.

Deckote, a water based elastomeric coating engineered for horizontal surfaces. This coating can be used on sundecks, porches, patios, roof decks, stairs, landings, boat decks, tennis courts, railings, basement floors and walkways. Manufactured by Consolidated Coatings....
Serpentine Cedar Roofing Ltd.

Serpentine Cedar have experienced crews that can look after all of your Cedar Shake roofing needs from start to finish. We can install a new cedar roof or repair your existing one. We guarantee the best quality of cedar shakes from old growth Western Red Cedar produced at our own cedar shake mill....
Bakerview Heating & Cooling LTD.

At Bakerview Heating & Cooling, they treat all their customers with honesty and integrity. They have been proudly serving the HVAC industry for over 25 years and have all the experience needed to serve you and make you comfortable in your home. They listen to what their customers are saying and choose together, with customers, which product and model will fit their budget and house design. They specialize in retrofit, service of your existing furnace, heat pump, ai...
Avante Concrete

Our concrete specialists offer both residential and commercial property services, including: Placing and Finishing, Forming and Grading, Exposed Aggregate, Stamped Concrete, Retaining Walls, Concrete Staining, Concrete Sealing, Patios, Foundations, Tilt-Up Construction and Slabjacking.
BPM Electric

Established in 1994, BPM Electric proudly serves residential and commercial customers throughout the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. BPM Electric offers professional, reliable service with a focus on safety and value. ...
Casp Enterprises Ltd. Garage Doors & Openers

Serving Greater Vancouver, after 20 years in the industry, CASP Enterprises supplies and installs all types of overhead garage doors, gates and door openers. Contact Casp for Garage Door Repair, Opener Repair, Carport Conversion and New Garage Doors & Openers. Complete service department for all makes. ...
21st Century Roofers Ltd.

In greater Vancouver, 21st Century Roofers certified to install the finest of asphalt fiberglass laminate shingles. They also provide Cedar Conversions and the SBS Torch On Roof System, a modern alternative to old fashioned Tar and Gravel. Exceptional warranty options best suited for your needs.
Fintastic Services

Fin is committed to environmentally friendly processes that restore your hard surfaces such as wood, granite, marble, concrete & tile. He also offers granite and concrete grinding & polishing, as well as tile re-grouting and resurfacing. SUPERIOR SERVICE, GUARANTEED. ...
Dunbar Masonry & Construction Ltd.

Dunbar Masonry is a family owned and operated company that has been serving Vancouver since 1955. They specialize in quality new construction, heritage restoration, and masonry repair and maintenance. Dunbar Masonry and Construction Ltd. contractors and employees are certified bricklayers and masons, which have been trained by master masons. They are members of the Canadian Masonry Contractors Association and the Masonry Institute of British Columbia. ...
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Natural Resources Canada's (NRCan's) Office of Energy Efficiency (OEE) promotes the international ENERGY STAR symbol in Canada and monitors its use. Major manufacturers and retailers of energy-efficient products, utilities and energy retailers, and interest groups from Australia to Europe recognized the benefits of ENERGY STAR to consumers and have joined in promoting the symbol.
Gutter ( Eavestrough) Repair

Corner Repair (Outside mitre)Using Tremco Instant Patch Roof Repair and Tremco Roof repair fabric.1. Ensure that inside gutter is clean2. Lightly sand with 200 grit...
How to repair Gutter (Eavestrough)

(Video) Shell Busey show you how to repair the corner of a gutter or eaves trough.
Repair Hole in Drywall

Q How do I repair a hole that is four-inches-by-six-inches and eight-inches-by-12-inches in the drywall of my kitchen wall?
Prevent Carbon Monoxide From Taking Over Your Home

Follow these easy steps to keep your family safe from carbon monoxide:
Ask Shell's Tip Of The Day - How To Repair Crack In Basement Wall

Shell Busey shows you how to repair a crack in your basement concrete wall.
Repairing a leaking crawl space wall

Question from: GregKitimat, BCDear Shell,While in my crawl space today, I noted an old crack that had been repaired and was seeping water. We have had a lot of rain lately...
Ask Shell's Tip Of The Day - How To Repair Chipped Sink

Shell Busey shows you how to repair a chip in your bathroom sink.
How Can I Repair a Crack in Fibreglass Shower Base?

Q: I have a fibreglass shower that is starting to show some cracks. It is not leaking, but I would like to try to apply some sort of finish to cover the cracks. Any suggestions?
Garage concrete floor repair

Question from: DennisEdmonton, ABDear Shell,Great show Shell. I have 3 questions to ask you about concrete.1. My garage floor is spalling where my car sits in the garage....
Repair Holes in Vinyl Siding

Q. Is it possible to repair holes in vinyl siding? I am not having any luck finding a replacement piece to match my existing siding that is about 25 years old and has faded over the years.
Repair an Old Record Player

Q. I have an older 1940's record player that I would like to get repaired. Do you know who would do this type of job.
How do I repair damaged 2x4s?

Dear Shell,I am replacing the piping in the bathroom and have removed the plywood floor to get at the pipes. I can now see that the previous owner "butchered" the studs by taking large notches...
Excess Moisture Within the Home

Q: We have a home which is approximately thirty years old. When we moved in we discovered that the attic had been blown full of insulation and there were no vents in the soffits, so we installed those. We also replaced the single aluminum windows with double vinyl ones.
Repair Wax-Burnt Carpet

Q: While we were entertaining last week, a candle was knocked over. Fortunately, someone grabbed it in a hurry, but some wax spilled on our carpet, burning the fibres. Can you suggest a way to repair the carpet?
Gutter repair

(Video) Here is how to repair a leaking gutter...
Concrete Driveway Repairs

Q: I just read your information concerning a concrete driveway on which the top surface was flaking and the stones in the concrete were coming loose and getting worse each year. You recommended a product called Target Bonded Topping Mix or Top-n-Bond and then after 7 days seal the surface with Aqua Seal. We have exactly the same problem with our driveway and are considering going ahead with this recommendation but are curious as to how long this repair will last.
Vinyl Floor Repair

Oh no, you dropped a kitchen knife onto your vinyl floor cutting the vinyl leaving an unsightly scar!To repair a vinyl floor it is very important to have a piece of flooring from the...
How To Repair Holes In Vinyl Siding

Q: We have some holes in the vinyl siding on our home. I have searched everywhere to find a replacement piece of siding to match the existing 25 year old vinyl but it seems to be an impossible task. Is there some way to repair the holes?
(Video) Furnace Maintenance

Regular inspection and maintenance is the best way to ensure reliability of your natural gas furnace. You can do most procedures quite easily, but a qualified and licensed gas contractor should inspect and service your furnace at the intervals recommended in the owner's manual; usually annually.