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Almega Resurfacing Inc.

Some of their low cost alternatives include resurfacing bathtubs, resurfacing countertops and refacing cabinets. They will make your kitchen and bathroom look like new without discarding existing fixtures. Your one stop shop to updating your kitchen and bathroom. ...
Duraseal Protection

We specialize in cleaning and sealing stamped concrete, paving stones, exposed aggregate concrete and interlocking bricks, etc. All work comes with a one-year guarantee. Call today for a free, no-hassle estimate....
Wash Safe Canada

The Wash Safe product line provides home and business owners a safe alternative to the toxic cleaning products that dominate the cleaning market. Wash Safe products are highly effective cleaners but gentle on the environment, providing pleasant citrus scents not obnoxious chemical odors and will not harm people, plants or pets. Their products include a Roof Wash, Deck Wash, Composite Deck Wash, Cedar Wash, RV Wash, Mold & Mildew Wash and Rust Off.
Acti-Zyme Products Ltd.

Acti-zyme can be used by all households operating on a septic tank sewage to kill offensive odors - clean the lines - digest soaps and greases, primarily of enzymes and cultured seed bacteria. Available through the online store. Acti-zyme is available OUTSIDE of the Lower Mainland by calling 1.250.442.2777...
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Creating a non-slip surface for your tub

I am tired of using rubber mats and decorative non slip decals in my bath tub. They are inconvenient to dry and hard to keep clean. I have a fear of myself or one of my family falling on the slippery...
How to create a non slip surface

Q. I have three children and I am very nervous about some slippery outdoor wood steps off my deck. Is there any way I can create a non-slip surface other than applying that rough black tape. Will a deck stain mixed with sand work or is there a product that will achieve this goal?
Safety Bars Shower/Bath

Q. My parents are in their seventies and I would like to make it easier and safer for them to use their shower and bath. I am concerned that my mom seems to be having a difficult time getting in and out of her bath and I would like to add safety bars for her to hold on to. Where would these be available and how can I fasten them to the wall to support the weight.
Vancouver Prostate Centre - Shell Busey's Story

Shell Busey's story:I am so grateful to still be here today as a survivor of prostate cancer. And it's all thanks to the Vancouver Prostate Centre (VPC) and the treatment I received from Dr Goldenberg.
Selecting ceramic tiles

You can use a floor tile on walls, but rarely are wall tiles strong enough for floor use. The strength or quality of a ceramic tile usually plays a large part in determining the selling price....
Ask Shell's Tip Of The Day - Make Your Carpet Non Slip

If you have an area rug (especially on hardwood floor) they can tend to be very slippery.Shell Busey shows you how to make the rugs in your home non slip!
Keeping On Top Of Your Cedar Roofing Problems

In recent years it seems an entire industry has developed around restoring cedar roofing. Many of you with cedar roofs may have seen companies in your area offering roof restoration services. We have received many emails and phone calls to our office regarding the services that are being offered by roofing restoration companies. Here is an article to help you make an educated choice when dealing with your cedar roof.
Slippery Bathroom Rug

Question from Eleanor ----- Dear Shell,I am looking for a backing that can be sprayed or painted onto the underside of a bathroom rug or mat that is perfectly good on top but where...
Cedar Roof Restoration

In recent years it seems an entire industry has developed around restoring cedar roofing. Many of you with cedar roofs may have seen companies in your area offering roof restoration services.
Trying to Clean Bathroom Tiles

Dear Shell,I have a problem with the tiles in my shower stall. I have tried everything on the market; Tilex, Fantastic, even those soap pads, and nothing...
What Homeowners Need to Know About Their Septic System

According to studies conducted 25 - 30% of single family homes in North America are using a septic system rather than being connected to a municipality's sewer collection system. Today 40% of new homes constructed are not connected to municipal sewer systems.
Caution and Safety for Elderly Family Members

It is a well known and established fact that people are living longer in our society. Perhaps you are a family with elderly parents or grandparents. If so I am sure you are concerned with their safety when it comes to falls which is very common issue among our senior folks.
Hot Water Tank with a Sulphur Odour

Question from "S" in Ile des Chenes -----We recently replace the elements in our electric hot water heater. Prior to that there was a very sulphuric odor from the tap when hot water was being...
Hardwood Floors that are Environmentally Friendly

There is good news for homeowners who have always wanted hardwood floors but fear it's not a practical choice for a busy household of kids and pets. Shell receives calls from homeowners looking for suggested flooring options that fit their lifestyles and more than ever they are considering environmentally friendly products for their homes.
Deck building hint

What to use when building a deck is always the question! Decks can be built to be maintenance friendly or sweat equity not so friendly... lets deal with the first one "maintenance friendly"....
Slippery Hardwood Floors

Q: Other people's lack of knowledge has led me to your email address. We have purchased a beautiful house that has beautiful hardwood flooring (Saskatchewan Ash, to be exact). We also have a large, heavy dog (Bullmastiff), which has a bit of difficulty with slippage on the floor someone did suggest to sand and re-varnish but this seems pretty drastic. Is there any type of coating we can apply to help her out?
Placing ceramic tiles on a deck

Question from: KellyGolden, BCDear Shell,We have a covered deck, which is above the garage and so needs to have a waterproof covering on it. It is covered with General Paint...
Removing water stains from hardwood floors

Question from: KarlCalgary, ABDear Shell,I pulled up the carpet in our 44-year-old home to expose the hardwood floors for refinishing. In the living room and the hall there...
Repair or Replace an Old Vinyl Deck?

We have recently done repairs to the floor of our south facing deck. I am wondering what you suggest for sealing and protecting the deck surface. We have what appears to be an old Spantex covering on most of the surface along with the new plywood that we put down to replace some rotten areas.
Remove peeling paint from wood deck

Q) I have a treated wood deck that has been painted with a non-slip paint that is now peeling. How can I remove the peeling paint?