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Faucets ... Good, Better, Best?

Question from Glenda in Westlock, Alberta -----Dear Shell,We are building a new house and have been looking at bathroom faucets, etc. What is your opinion on Price Pfister, Moen...
Selecting ceramic tiles

You can use a floor tile on walls, but rarely are wall tiles strong enough for floor use. The strength or quality of a ceramic tile usually plays a large part in determining the selling price....
Preparation & Product To Use When Painting Exposed Concrete Foundation

Q: Over the years the soil has settled around the foundation of our home, the black tar on the concrete is now showing. The area is dry and I was wanting to paint the concrete, can you recommend a product that will adhere to it?
Noise - How Can We Soundproof the Floor?

We are renovating our bedroom, while we are doing this we would like to add some soundproofing to the floor, (we cannot even watch television in our room without complaints from downstairs), the staff at End of the Roll suggested that we ask you for suggestions on the best way to achieve some soundproofing as it is not an option for us to do any changes from the lower floor.
Sunbury Cedar Mill Tour

Here is a video from Shell Busey's Home Check TV Show where Shell visited the Sunbury Cedar Mill.
Modern Modular Homes- Efficiency, Quality and Comfort

When referring to Modular Homes, many people still refer to the conventional "trailer" or mobile home. In fact that couldn't be further from the truth. Today there is very little difference in both the look and livability of a Modular home in comparison to a "built on site" type of home.
Preparing A Garage Door For Painting

We purchased a house in this town 2 years ago, that we are busy trying to fix up on the outside. Garage door is plywood and had some sort of Cedar looking stain or varnish on it that has all peeled off. Door faces the west. Very windy here and usually blows from the west. We have just finished sanding it all and we want to paint or solid stain it. Know we have to prime, but need a good weather beater paint. Any suggestions?
Which stain to use on wood storage shed

Q. I have just installed a new wood storage shed and I am trying to decide whether to finish it with a solid stain or paint. What finish would last longer and provide better protection.

There are two general types of paintbrushes - natural hair bristles and synthetic bristles such as nylon or polyester.
The Importance of Indoor Air Quality

Environmental research is disclosing a surprising and disturbing factor for our health - the quality of indoor air in the home is much more important than ever suspected. The Congressional Quarterly has...
Ventilation in the Home

Q: We read and hear a lot about ventilation and how it affects the home. What do we need to know with winter here?A: Click to continue reading
(Video) How To Pick The Proper Paint Brush

There are two general types of paint brushes - natural hair bristles and synthetic bristles such as nylon or polyester.
Is Carpet Still an Option?

Over the years more and more homeowners are replacing wall to wall carpeting with hard floor surfaces such as wood, ceramic or slate. One of the reasons behind the move towards hard surface flooring is the concern that carpet impacts indoor air qulaity by collecting dust in addition to producing VOC off gassing. But what if you are not ready to let go of the comfort and warmth of carpet? Is carpet still an option for our homes?
Allergies to the House Dust Mite

In the home, the most significant contributor to allergies is the common house dust mite. In fact, clinical studies show that allergic sensitization to the house dust mite is the most common cause of allergy...
Renovating and Indoor Air Quality

As Canadians spend more time inside during the winter months with their furnaces running and windows sealed up, addressing healthy indoor air quality is crucial to keeping our homes healthy. Through our efforts to be energy efficient, today's homes are built to seal the heat in and keep the cool air out.
Upgrading or Draft Proofing Your Single Glazed Windows

Are you living in a home that was built pre-1975, where you had single glazed glass installed in white or brown or a standard mill finish aluminum frame, costing you many dollars of energy during those cold winter months?
Painting aluminum clad windows

Question from: HalMedicine Hat, ABDear Shell,Our house has aluminum clad windows. They are the type with wood inside and aluminum painted white on the outside. We would like...
Cork Flooring for Kitchens & Bathrooms

Q) We are replacing the vinyl flooring in our kitchen and we are considering cork flooring. I have heard you mention that you do not advise installing laminate flooring in bathrooms or kitchen. Can you tell me why you don't advise it? We like the look of and feel of cork and have found lots of styles to choose from that have a dark finish that we want, but we are wondering about how well it holds up in a kitchens. We are also wondering what to look for in regards to quality.
Painting our Old Cedar Siding

Question from Brian in Richmond, B.C. -----Dear Shell, I'm in the process of preparing the exterior of my house for painting. It's an old house with 12 inch rough sawn cedar siding....
Why Alkyd Primers Instead of Latex Primers?

Question from Lawrence in Port Coquitlam, B.C. -----Dear Shell, I note that you recommend alkyd primers. I realize these primers are good at blocking stains. However, I use acrylic...