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Shell Buseys Home Improvements And Renovations - Renovations

Shell Busey’s Home Improvements and Renovations can change the look of your lower mainland BC home both inside and out. From a complete re-design to minor changes, SBHI&R’s consultant can give you ideas and suggestions if you are stumped. Call today to receive a FREE estimate ...
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Weeping Fireplace with Mushrooms!!!!

Question from: Brian in Maple Ridge, BC -----Dear Shell,Our home is 17 years old. We have weepage through our brick fireplace. At one time our living room carpet was getting quite...
Quieting a noisy heat pump compressor

Question from: EdKamloops, BCDear Shell,I have just had a heat pump installed. The compressor unit is on a flat roof above my living area. The noise outside is moderate. Unfortunately,...
How to Choose the Right Water Heater

Folks, how many times have you run out of hot water? It can be pretty frustrating if it happens while you are in the middle of a shower, doing the dishes or trying to get all your laundry done.
Laminate flooring or carpet?

Question from: DanisaCalgary, ABDear Shell,Which would increase the value of our home more? I want to put laminate flooring in the entrance, living room, dining room and kitchen...
How To Organize Your Garage

Q: Our garage is a disaster! Do you have any suggestions as to how we can clear some of the clutter, get it up off the floor space and maybe even park our cars inside.
Removing paint from fireplace bricks

Question from: BarbN. Vancouver, BCDear Shell,In the house we are now living in, the previous owners painted the fireplace bricks in the living room pink (!) and also replaced...
Removing Asbestos Floor Tiles

Question from Michael in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta -----Dear Shell,We've bought a new house and wish to replace the floor tiling in the kitchen. We believe it is original to the...
Choosing a Home Inspector

Dear Shell, I recently found a mobile home that I liked and made an offer subject to the approval of a Home Inspection. I received the report and it was good, saying nothing about dampness in...
Condensation Problems

We just recently brought this home we are living in and find that we have condensation between our living room windows, which we never noticed until after we moved in. Is there a cure for this other than replacing the windows?
Repairing a leaking crawl space wall

Question from: GregKitimat, BCDear Shell,While in my crawl space today, I noted an old crack that had been repaired and was seeping water. We have had a lot of rain lately...
Dealing with condensation problems

Question from: LorraineVictoria, BCDear Shell,I have a home, approximately 900 square feet, on a dirt crawl space, all vinyl windows, insulation bats under the house, insulation...
Hot Water Tanks Explained

Folks, how many times have you run out of hot water? It can be pretty frustrating if it happens while you are in the middle of a shower, doing the dishes or trying to get all your laundry done. You just might need a larger hot water tank to meet the needs of your family and your family’s lifestyle. Here are a few guidelines to help you choose the right sized hot water tank:
Looking To Purchase a New Furnace, Or Have Your Furnace Serviced?

With the winter quickly approaching, it's a great time to start thinking about how you heat your home. Below are a few lists that will help you when you are deciding to purchase a new furnace, or if you are going to have your furnace or boiler tuned-up so it operates in peak form for the winter season.
Turn Your Garage Into a Productive Space

Whether you're a woodworker, mechanic, gardener or outdoor enthusiast, by the end of the summer your garage has likely become the last minute dumping ground for storage; everything from seasonal items, sports equipment, tools and unused furniture. Here are a few ways to find a home for those infrequently used items and reclaim your garage into useable space.
(Video) How To Cool Your Home Using Furnace Fan

Q. Shell I hope you can help. I know you can’t have your cake and eat it too but our home is very hot now that the warm weather has arrived. Having air conditioning installed is out of the question but is there something else I can do to cool our living area down to gain some form of comfort?
Furnace Tune-Up Checklist

Here is a checklist to follow if you are going to tune-up your furnace:
Mr. Slim Air Conditioners, Perfect Units For Condo Living

Q. I have a southern exposure condo that gets very hot in the summer. When I approached my strata council about installing an air conditioner they said that they don't allow window units because of security and noise issues. I am looking for a permanent solution since we are retired and home during the day. Any feedback that I can pass on to my council would be helpful since there are other units in our building faced with the same dilemma.
Accessible Bathroom Renovation

This bathroom was not only small but trying to have a bath when you are wheel chair bound is nearly impossible. In this condo we took this bathroom apart. Widened the entry and tiled all the walls and all the floor.
Problems with rodents living in your soffits

Question from: LaneCalgary, ABDear Shell,Two black squirrels have made a home in our soffits. They enter through a triangular shaped opening where the soffit terminates at...
Paint will not stick to caulking!

Question from: Gail.Dear Shell,About 5 years ago we decided to paint our living room paneling but it had gaps where the paneling met the wall and the ceiling so it was caulked with...