You Can Paint Faded Vinyl Siding

July 25th 2017
You Can Paint Faded Vinyl Siding

Q:  I sure miss you on the radio when you would give out all your tips & do-yourself info. Now that Rona Tsawwasssen is making you available I wish to ask you a question which has been bothering me for some time. When we bought our home in Ladner it had vinyl siding on it, which at that time they promoted vinyl as final. Well, it sure has faded and lost its luster, is there anything we can do with it that will brighten it up short of removing the vinyl and putting something else in its place?

Irene    LADNER

A:  Well first of all the ANSWER is YES, but you also have another option, paint it. I know when people hear this; they say YOU can paint it? Answer, yes, you can and there are no knots or cracks to be concerned about. Let’s deal with your options. You can revitalize your existing vinyl by cleaning the siding and applying one coat of a product called PENETROL manufactured by FLOOD PAINTS  it’s a paint additive but does wonderful things like bringing back the original colour to faded vinyl siding. As well you can paint your siding as mentioned above, one thing you must do before either of the two options are considered, WASH the siding using my Shell Buseys Home Cleaner and  rinse well. TIP never wash or seal or paint anything in the heat of the sun always best in the early a.m. when siding is cool. TIP when rinsing always spray downwards eliminating any water getting up inside the siding.


1.    Use my Shell Busey Home Cleaning Powder

2.    To bring back colour & luster apply one coat of PENETROL a flood paint product.

3.    To change colour apply exterior acrylic latex paint primer tinted to your colour.

4.    After applying (#3) apply second coat of best quality exterior acrylic paint your final colour choice.

5.    Special note; items 2, 3, & 4 must always be applied when siding is cool and out of the direct bright sunshine.

6.    When applying 2, 3, & 4 always apply the full length of the piece of siding keeping a wet edge at all times (shut your cell phone off).


All products mentioned above are available at RONA Tsawwasssen

1.    Shell Buseys Home Cleaner

2.    Flood Paint Product “PENETROL”  (special order)

3.    Quality SECO exterior Acrylic Latex Paint Products.