Wood Foundations?

October 16th 2002

Question from Giselle in Eckville, Alberta -----

To Shell,

My husband and I are considering buying a 20-year-old home with a wood foundation. Our realtor tells us the builders used wood foundations for a period of time and then stopped using them. What can you tell us about wood foundations?? Are there advantages to this over concrete? Are they just as durable and long lasting? Looking forward to a reply. Any tips would be appreciated.




Dear Giselle,

Wood foundations are still very popular in some areas through out Canada especially in the western provinces and northern communities.

I’ve built them myself and in fact, I built the first PWF (Preserved Wood Foundation) in Delta, B.C. back in the late ‘70’s. To my knowledge, the current owners are still very pleased with the energy efficiency and comfort they achieve from the home.

There is a video available from COFI Canada 604-684-0211 entitled “The Foundation of the Future”. It features the home that I built. I suggest you order a copy, as I am sure it will answer your questions.

“It’s Just That Easy!”