White Heat Spots on Table

November 2nd 2004
White Heat Spots on Table

Dear Shell,

I have a problem with my dining room table I hope you can help me. There is a white mark on the table, which was caused by a hot plate. The table is wood but with a veneer top. I had a repairman come and look at it but he said he couldn't do anything. Please help me Shell!

- Marion

Dear Marion,

White marks on wood finishes caused by hot pots, cups of tea and coffee or pizza boxes are commonly known as pizza box marks. The best solution is to rub with Bri-Wax using super fine (0000) steel wool. Do the entire top starting in one corner and working down the face with the grain. When you reach the white mark concentrate on this area until the white mark has been eliminated and then continue on to the end of the tabletop. Allow to dry for 2 - 3 minutes and buff with a soft cloth. Bri-wax comes in many colours. Choose one that best matches your table. The product is available at Home Hardware and Windsor Plywood.

It's Just That Easy!