Which stain to use on wood storage shed

December 16th 2009
Which stain to use on wood storage shed

Q.  I have just installed a new wood storage shed and I am trying to decide whether to finish it with a solid stain or paint. What finish would last longer and provide better protection?

A.  The quality of both exterior acrylic stains and paints has improved over the years making exterior finishes longer lasting and more resistant to algae, staining and fading. The decision will depend on which appearance you prefer. Generally speaking a solid stain will last approximately 5 -7 years but there are solid color stains available that carry up to15 year warranties. Both Flood Company and Timberlox solid or semi transparent stains are considered to be high performance finishes and are available through Cloverdale Paint Stores.

A top quality exterior paint should last 10-15 years. The paint will require a coat of all purpose alkyd primer first. Also, consider choosing lighter colors since they last longer and fade less than dark colors. The ideal weather to apply paint or stain is when the temperature is above 10 Celsius and on an overcast day not in the direct sun.

Shell Busey