When To Replace Hot Water Tank

October 24th 2014
When To Replace Hot Water Tank



Q: We have had the same hot water tank in our home for many years. How do we know when we should be concerned with a new replacement? We are concerned it may suddenly break down and cause a flood.



A: There is no way to tell how long a hot water tank will keep working.


Keep an eye out for any obvious signs, such as rust marks on the tank, or any water on the floor under the tank. These may be telltale signs that the tank is getting near its end.


When you purchase a new tank, look for models that carry an eight- or 10-year warranty. Sometimes, you can purchase an extended warranty for extra peace of mind.


During the installation of your new tank, I suggest having a diaper pan placed under the tank with a drain to the sewer pipe to prevent any flooding in the event that your tank develops a leak.


Please note: Hot water tanks will normally show small puddles of water leaking, rather than have a total rupture.


You might want to consider getting a tankless hot water heater. There is no holding tank as it heats water on demand and also saves many dollars on fuel costs.