When do you need a Structural Engineer?

March 25th 2008
When do you need a Structural Engineer?

  • These are some scenario's when you will need a structural engineer if you are looking to make changes to your home:
  • - When you want intensive renovations in your home.

  • - When you want to get rid of a post in a basement that is in the way of your pool table.

  • - When you want to remove a bearing wall.

  • - When you have cracks in your foundation.

  • - When your concrete floor slab on grade has settled.

  • - When you need an engineered foundation.

  • - When you build a retaining wall higher than 4'.

  • - When you want to raise your house and build a basement underneath.

  • - When you want to build an extra floor on top of your house.

  • - When you want the house that you are going to buy, structurally inspected.

  • - When you want a structural engineer involved in the building of your new house.

  • - When you have enlarged your house without a building permit and you want to sell it.

  • - When you want to install a hot tub on your sundeck.

  • - When you want to make a large skylight in your roof.

  • - When you want to enlarge a window opening.

  • - When you want a steel beam to support a large opening.

  • - When the city inspector tells you that you need a structural engineer, or

  • - When you have any other structural problems.