What You Should do Before Going Away for Long Periods of Time

August 3rd 2016
What You Should do Before Going Away for Long Periods of Time

What you should do before going away for long periods of time?

Q: Every year my wife and I like to get away for three to five weeks and we are always concerned that something like a flood do to the hot water tank could go, what we would like to know is do you recommend turning off the water main to the home and what others suggestions you might have to put our minds at ease?

A: Over the years I have put together a list of recommendations to follow when leaving your home for extended periods.

1. Shut off automatic ice maker in the refrigerator.
2. Shut the water supply off under each toilet tank.
3. Unplug any instant hot water heaters i.e: countertop units.
4. Turn the setting on the hot water tank to vacation.
5. Shut off supply hoses to automatic washing machines.
6. When you are taking a winter vacation, winterize outside faucets by shutting off the individual water supplies and draining the faucets by turning to the on position.
7. Leave thermostats for furnace or heating systems at 60 degrees F. You may wonder why not shut off main water valve as your question suggests. The reason I don't recommend this is that you may have such things as automatic humidifiers that require water.

The rule of thumb is to shut off anything that might freeze and/or fracture a pipe.

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