What underlay should I use over concrete?

April 12th 2002

Question from: D. Johns from Ontario

Dear Shell,

I would like to replace the carpet and underlay in my basement. The floor is concrete and is dry. The carpet and underlay are to be applied directly over the concrete. I have had three different recommendations as to carpet and underlay. The carpet choices are similar, however, the options are: 1. rubber backed carpet 2. 8 mm chip foam underlay + carpet 3. 9 mm chip foam underlay (one side aluminized) + carpet what do you recommend?

Thank you, D. Johns


Dear D. Johns,

First before any application, wash the floor with Shell Busey's Home Cleaning Formula and rinse well. When dry, spray concrete sealer over entire surface I.E. Xypex Crystallization Sealer or Cloverdale Paint Aqua Seal. This will stop any water migration in the future. Your second choice with one side foil would be my choice.

Itís just that easy.

Shell Busey