What Should I do to Make Sure Large Tree by my House is Safe?

January 18th 2017
What Should I do to Make Sure Large Tree by my House is Safe?

Q: I have a large tree on my property that hangs over the side of my home that I have always worried about, but would hate to see it go. How can I find out if it is a concern?

A: If you are concerned about a large tree, have it checked out by a certified arborist. Trees can be cause for concern for damage to roofs, perimeter drainage and possible power lines.

Keep all trees and branches well back from the siding and roof of the house. An arborist can also prune in such a way that makes them more resistant to wind damage.

Roofs, gutters and down spouts should be cleaned of pine needles, leaves and debris before it gets into your perimeter drainage system.

Before planting a new tree consider the tree's full height at maturity. Will the full-grown tree be too near your house, driveways, other large trees or structures?

Also keep in mind that many municipalities require permits to remove large trees. Contact your local municipal office or utility for more information and they may be able to refer you to a company in your area that is experienced in tree risk assessment.