What Order To Follow When Renovating?

February 23rd 2009
What Order To Follow When Renovating?

Take it from the top down!

Q: We have just purchased a new home and before we move in we have a few weeks to put in new flooring and repaint. We are quite new at this and I am wondering in what order we should do everything. Also, the previous owners were heavy smokers, so can you tell me how we can get rid of odours before we put in our new flooring?

-- Sandy, Richmond

A: If you are doing numerous home improvement jobs at the same time -- such as painting walls and ceilings and new flooring -- there is a proper order to follow. Always work your way from the top down; ceiling first, then walls and trim, and lastly the floors. This will protect the floors in the event of paint splatters, ladder scratches, etc.

To deal with the smell of cigarette smoke, one of the most effective ways is to air out the room for as long as possible and then wash all of the surfaces of the room thoroughly. For the walls and ceiling you can use Shell Busey Home Cleaning Formula before you paint. Even after taking these measures, smoke odour can still linger, so you may want to consider hiring a professional to perform a professional odour-removal treatment.