What Finish to Apply

January 7th 2004
What Finish to Apply

Q: I am building a home entertainment centre (TV stand with doors and drawers underneath). The sides, top and shelves are made of plywood core oak and the doors and drawer fronts and other trim is solid oak. I have used wood filler to cover some sunken finishing nails. It was suggested to me that I use wood conditioner before I apply stain and clear coat. Will it make the stain more even and will it help camouflage the wood filler? I plan to use a natural stain to keep the finish a light natural look. I'm also wondering whether to use oil or latex stain and clear coat. Is one better than the other for the kind of job I'm doing? Could you suggest a brand name?

Winnipeg, MB

A. Using a sealer coat will help your staining process. After using the sealer coat apply Min Wax Polyshades in your choice of colours. To fill nail holes, use a finish putty stick when done. Always finish first, putty last.