What Can We Do About a Smelly Garburator?

October 16th 2002

Question from Lea in Victoria, B.C. -----

To Shell,

I'm wondering if you have any recommendation for cleaning and freshening up a garburator? We're starting to notice a bit of an unpleasant odour around our garburator, and would like to deodorize it without causing any damage to the mechanisms.

Thanks very much,



Dear Lea,

Using Real Lemon concentrate, freeze two trays of ice cubes using a mix made from the concentrate.

First, run hot water through your garburator for 2 minutes.

Then, dump all the ice cubes into the garburator while itís running.

When the last cube has been chopped up, shut the unit off and leave it for 1 hour. Continue with normal use.

"Itís Just That Easy!"