We Have a 30 Year Old Furnace - Time For a New One?

September 24th 2002

Question from Bruce in North Vancouver, B.C. -----

Dear Shell,

I have an Anthes furnace Model#HGB120 in my 30-year-old home, heating bills have doubled. Should this furnace be serviced or is it time for a new one?

Many thanks,



Dear Bruce,

At 30 years old, your old standard efficiency furnace is on borrowed time.

Here are a few things to think about:

1. Your existing furnace could be as much as 40 % oversized. This is an average for homes the same age as yours.

2. The efficiency of your 30-year-old furnace will be approximately 50% and as much as 60% if you are really lucky.

3. A new high efficiency furnace will give you between 90% to 96% efficiency.

4. A new furnace, if sized correctly, will produce more heat and comfort with less energy and help you save on your heating bill.

5. If you are not quite ready to purchase a new furnace, you should get your existing furnace serviced to make sure it is operating as efficently as possible and to make sure that it is operating in a safe manner.

Look up our website www.thehousesmart.com for our heating contactor referrals for your area (Select North Vancouver and click on "Heating") or call us at 604-542-2236.

Visit the BC Gas website at www.bcgas.com for more information about high efficiency furnaces, proper sizing of your new furnace, contractor selection, etc.

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