Water Weeping Through Brick Fascia Above Fireplaces

April 18th 2005
Water Weeping Through Brick Fascia Above Fireplaces

Dear Shell,

What I am looking for is a referral for some one who would be willing to travel over to Gibsons to give me some advice/help. The problem I have is water weeping through brick fascia above two fireplaces, one in the upstairs bedroom & the other in the living room downstairs. Two years ago I had a new steel roof installed by a company from Victoria but they are reluctant to send someone over to examine the problem & want me to find someone over here to fix it & then send them the invoice. Being in the boonies it is very difficult to find someone competent (that's why I went to them in the first place), and to date I have had no luck finding the source of the problem although a lot of flashing & caulking has been used. I am very concerned that the stud wall behind the facia is really being damaged. Any advice or suggestions would be much appreciated.

Colin, Gibsons

Dear Colin,

Requests such as yours always give me an empty feeling when I hear that the services you require are not available in areas like the Sunshine Coast. I am hoping that even though they do not normally service your area our referral company Dunbar Masonry may be able to help you. They are very professional in their expertise and have been known to go outside the area on special requests.