Water Seeping into Basement

April 19th 2005
Water Seeping into Basement

Dear Shell

I live in a 30 yr. old two level home. I purchased it when it was 5 yrs. old.
Our home is located on sloped land, only one level of our home is seen from the street, both levels are seen from our back yard.
My problem lies in the basement which is partly underground. When we have a heavy rain, the water slowly seeps in and around the floor of the gas fireplace area (which is on the underground side of the house). Over the years it has caused the exterior of the fireplace to collect a sandy white powder all over the base of it as well as on the hearth (due to moisture). The water also comes in from the middle of that same room under the ceramic tile floor.

I installed the black flex tubing underground along the outside of the house to take the water away - to some avail it has worked but I am still getting some water seepage coming in. The room has a wall vent (for ventilation) installed by professionals when we installed the gas insert but the room still seems to have a slight odor from the moisture as well.

What can I do to repair this or who would you recommend to solve this problem. This problem has been here for years, and I do keep a close eye on that one room but it is getting to be too much for me always having to worry about it. Is it too late for my 30 yr. old home? Awaiting your reply.

Bob, Langley

Dear Bob,

Your concern is caused by water hydraulics in and around the foundation footings and exterior walls caused by ground water. Water backing up against the foundation builds up a pressure called hydraulics pushing the water under the footings and into your home. Have your perimeter drains (weeping tile) flushed out using high pressure water clearing the way for the high water table (ground water) to flow away from your foundation. This should be done every 3 - 5 years if necessary. We have this service available through the Shell Busey HouseSmart Referral Network. Call our office at 604-542-2236 and ask for our Drainage specialist to contact you. They may choose to use their camera in your drain system in order to identify where the blockage is located.