Water Pressure and Flow

November 2nd 2004
Water Pressure and Flow

Dear Shell,

When the hot water tap in my kitchen is turned on just a bit, it sputters and pulses the water out of the faucet. From the off position, I can give it a slight turn on and it completely stops coming out, but when I give it another slight turn in the same direction, it comes on very full. Is this a problem with the faucet itself or a problem with the water pressure?


Dear Michael,

The problem you describe is the result of a loose washer on the spindle of the faucet valve. When the washer is loose the faucet valve partially opens causing a water siphon to draw the washer down stopping the water flow. To repair, shut the water off, remove the spindle valve and replace the washer. Make sure that you have the proper size and type of replacement washer. I suggest that you take the spindle with you to the plumbing store to ensure that you get the correct fit.

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