Water on our Deck and Burping Toilets

August 9th 2002

Question from Gordon from Delta, B.C. -----

We have a deck off the master bedroom over the carport. We have duck walk boarding on the deck. The problem is that the deck is not sloped properly; so all the rain just sits on the deck. There is one small drain to one side and the deck appears to be covered with a tar. Is there any way that I can slope the deck to achieve some drainage? We would like to be able to use the deck, but it is always wet, which is not good for the duck walk boarding.

Secondly we have toilets that burp when flushed. By that I mean that we get a bubble of air when it is flushed. No one seems to know why.

Thank you,



Dear Gordon,

Aside from rebuilding the deck, there are no easy ways to achieve a change to the slope of your deck.

It may however, be possible to relocate the drain so that it takes water from the low spot.

You might also consider a new product called “Snap Deck” available at most Home Hardware Stores. They lift you up and away from the water, are made of plastic so they aren’t affected by moisture and are designed to allow the water to evaporate. You can have a look at their product on their website at www.snapdeck.com or you can call their toll-free number 1-888-727-3325 for more information.

As for your second question, your drainage system is probably lacking adequate air from your roof vents. Please contact the HouseSmart Centre at 604-542-2236 for a referral to a drainage service expert who can look into this problem for you.

It’s Just That Easy!