Water damage to cedar soffits

November 10th 2010
Water damage to cedar soffits

Q) My wife and I recently moved into a 15 year old rancher style house that has cedar T & G soffits that have been clear coated with an unknown product. In a couple of corners I've noticed some water damage on the cedar and in one location the existing finish has blushed as if an interior product was used for outside work. Is there anything that can be done to get rid of the water damage on the cedar and what can be applied to give the cedar soffits to give it good protection and a good look? Many thanks for your help and advice,


A) To remove the existing damaged finish contact Cloverdale Paint for an exterior stain remover or purchase my Shell Busey "It's Just that Easy" Paint remover. Once you have removed the old stain, wash the area with my exterior "It's Just That Easy" Heavy-duty cleaning product, rinse well and allow drying.

Call the distributor Twin Maple Marketing at 1-800-663-8898 to find a retail source for the It's Just that Easy Products.

Lastly, apply two coats of Cloverdale Paint's exterior clear wood finish "Sunfast". Good luck with your project.