Vinyl siding hint

November 28th 2001

To tackle your vinyl siding project let me give you a few tips.

1. Colour - the lighter the colour the easier it is to install as there is less expansion at the seams and butt joints.

2. When nailing don't set the nails tight. Allow enough tolerance to enable the siding to move within the slotted nail holes.

3. Always overlap with seams away form the sight line ie: start from the furthest away point on the side of the home. A seam installed in this manner will not show the cut edge of the overlap.

4. Outside corners are best when using rough cedar 1" or 2" lumber and butting "J" beads up against them. This allows you to paint or stain the corners the colour of the trim boards facia etc.

5. Always save 1 package of siding ie: 100 - 200 sq. feet for future expansion or damage repairs as you just never know what may happen.