Vinyl Flooring - Do You Get What You Pay For?

June 26th 2002

Question from Donna in Calgary, AB *****

Dear Shell,

We are replacing the lino in our kitchen, and as I have been looking at different companies, and types, I am wondering what the difference is in quality, and durability? Does is follow that you get what you pay for with vinyl flooring? What is the difference between builders grade, and a type that is not. I looked at Mannington Flooring today, their Naturals line; it was their top of the line, and I loved the colour and texture. It is ridiculously priced; but I would consider it, if I were purchasing something that would last well, and clean well, therefore being worth the investment.




Dear Donna,

Mannington is one of the top grade vinyl floor coverings and has all the best features.

In answer to your initial question, yes you do get what you pay for when it comes to flooring. Normally a builder grade will be a basic colour range and design that will be found in many homes. For a new look and feel as well as better performance, I would suggest going the 'best' route.

Itís just that easy

Shell Busey