(Video) Water Damage on Stippled Ceilings - Repair and Paint

June 9th 2015
(Video) Water Damage on Stippled Ceilings - Repair and Paint



Have you had a leak in your roof causing water damage to your dry-walled stippled ceiling?

When moisture permeates through drywall or plaster ceilings, the textured finish will normally become loose and flaky. To repair this, it is very important to scrape off all the loose texture back to the area where it is stable. Remove all dust with a damp towel and apply a coat of Weldbond adhesive, diluted 3 parts water to one part Weldbond to the area where the stipple was removed. When dry, apply a roll coat of Homax Texture Finish, selecting the one to match your existing ceiling texture. This may require two applications if the thickness of the existing ceiling is to be met. Leave for 12 hours to cure.


Now the ceiling should be painted to give a uniform colour. Ceiling paints such as Pro Fresh Ceiling Paint is available at Cloverdale Paint Stores, and will give excellent results as it will cover water stains and blend the old with the newly patched area.


Before painting, prepare the ceiling by applying a masking skirt paper around the perimeter protecting the walls from the ceiling paint. Paint should be applied with a slit foam roller.

If a stipple patch is required, most paint stores carry a Stipple Spray for touch-ups, I suggest you practice on a scrap piece of drywall or cardboard, before you apply to ceiling.