(Video) Simple Drywall Repair

February 17th 2015
(Video) Simple Drywall Repair



Q:  Help Please!  Unfortunately, someone opened a door with enough force that its knob went right through the drywall.  Do we have to replace the entire sheet of drywall?



A:  There is no need to replace the entire sheet of drywall, as it can be repaired.


Using a drywall knife, cut away the damaged portion of the drywall, leaving a square or rectangular shaped hole.  Cut a new piece of drywall a little wider than the hole.


Apply a drywall mud filler to either end of the filler piece, insert in through the hole sliding to the right or left to span the back side of the hole.  Install two drywall screws through the face of the wall to secure the filler piece in place.


Using coloured chalk, outline the edge of the hole.  Take a piece of drywall and tap it up against the chalk to make a pattern.  Trim this piece so it will fit into the hole.  Once it is cut to size, apply a drywall mud filler to the back of the patch and apply up against the filler piece that is installed behind the hole.


Allow to cure until the next day.  Remove the two drywall screws, tape the seams and sand around the patch piece ready for priming and painting.