(Video) Puddles Forming On Decks

April 6th 2016
(Video) Puddles Forming On Decks

Uneven decks can leave lovely puddles after a rainy day.  Low areas on decks are not usually successfully patched because different surfaces such as aggregate concrete, vinyl fabrics and roll on coatings do not match the compatibility of a patch.


A better idea is to use Duck Boards.  To make your own wooden duck boards use 1 x 2 clear cedar strips 24” long.  Using galvanized nails, nail the strips to 4 pieces of 1 x 2 running in opposite direction, leaving a nail thickness between the top boards.


This will make 24 x 24 squares and water will run freely between the bottom runners to the drains leaving a dry surface to walk on.  You can lay the squares in opposite directions to give a parquet floor look.


Here is a video of Shell creating duck boards...